Exchange Bitcoin to PayPal Instantly – Sell BTC for Cash

exchange bitcoin to Paypal

Bitcoin to Paypal Instant exchange

Bitcoin is a virtual currency created in 2009 which exists in the form of addresses. The financial experts have analyzed that bitcoin will take over the paper currency soon. Paypal is an online medium through which you can send, receive, and hold payments. Most of the new investors ask the question “is it possible to exchange bitcoin to Paypal?” You can’t sell bitcoin to Paypal directly. First, you have to exchange bitcoin at any of the exchanges then you can withdraw funds into your Paypal account. Many exchanges support Paypal as a payment method. Some of the exchanges are Paxful,, Coinbase, Coinmama, CEXio, etc. 

How to cash out bitcoins to Paypal?

There are many ways through which you can cash out bitcoin. Some of them are peer-to-peer exchange, broker websites, sell bitcoin to someone for cash, and online exchanges. Through these methods, you can exchange bitcoin and get cash into your Paypal account. A peer-to-peer marketplace gathers the buyers and sellers together where they make and accept offers and convert BTC to PayPal or Paypal to BTC. Online exchanges are considered the best way to sell or buy bitcoin. You can make an exchange at any time sitting anywhere in the world through an online exchange. is the most reliable online platform at which you can exchange bitcoin to Paypal i.e you can exchange bitcoin into cash and withdraw that into your Paypal account. 

Can you transfer bitcoin to Paypal?

Paypal provides the service to only the US nationals to buy hold sell bitcoin. If you want to buy bitcoin new york then you can visit the Paypal official website or the mobile app and buy bitcoin instantly. To convert bitcoin to Paypal instantly you have to follow so simple step.

  • Click on Crypto on the Home screen of the PayPal app.
  • From the Crypto Landing screen, select one of the Bitcoin.
  • Click Sell.
  • Confirm Tax Information
  • Enter the amount which you want to Sell and click Next.
  • Click Sell Now.

That’s how you can sell bitcoin to Paypal in the USA. Paypal charges a fee for the exchange and you can get the funds into your Paypal account according to today’s bitcoin price. 

Exchange bitcoin for cash at Best Rates.

Bitcoin is being traded worldwide. Almost every person knows about bitcoin and bitcoin trading but most people are unaware of the process and legitimate platforms for bitcoin trading. So the question arises can you exchange bitcoin for cash? If not then we’ll tell you the procedure to convert bitcoin to cash at the most reliable online platform. As discussed above the names of bitcoin exchanges the most reliable one to convert bitcoin to cash is It charges a low fee for bitcoin exchange into any world currency and provides today’s best rates. On this platform, you can exchange bitcoin to Paypal. The process to exchange is as follows:

  • Open the website on the web browser
  • Select Sell bitcoin
  • Enter the bitcoin wallet address 
  • Select the amount of bitcoin which you want to sell
  • Choose Paypal as a payment method
  • Press the sell now button



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