Rapid Urbanization Propels Sale of Mattresses due to Mass Migration

Mattress Market Revenue Estimation and Growth Forecast Report

Sleep is crucial to maintain and improve health, getting good sleep results in longevity of life, with reduced stress. Mattresses are great contributors to good sleep; they provide support and comfort during sleep.

Get More Insights: Mattress Market Revenue Estimation and Growth Forecast Report

The sales of the mattress are predicted to produce revenue worth $64,045.5 million by 2030. There are many types of mattresses offered in the market, we have provided here details of the major types of mattresses depending on the material used in their manufacturing.

  • Foam: Foam mattresses are those which are made entirely with foam without any coils and provide more contouring to the body, relieving pressure and isolating motion, resulting in a good fit for couples and side sleepers. Memory foam is the most popular among such mattresses.
  • Innerspring: An innerspring mattress includes a coil-based support system that facilitates support, and several other layers, providing a bouncier sleeping surface with limited motion isolation. It is inexpensive and highly popular among shoppers with a limited budget.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid mattresses include two central elements; substantial foam comfort system and innerspring support core. The comfort layers usually include foam or latex, sometimes, it may also include a shorter layer of coils. These mattresses offer combined bouncing and contouring with low heat retention, which in turn, makes them a convenient fit for sleepers in any position.
  • Airbeds: Mattresses built with air chambers as their support core are known as airbeds. Pumps controlled by a remote or smartphone is integrated into the mattress for adding or removing air to facilitate sleepers with firmness and flexibility. Different firmness levels can be set on each side of the airbed, making it convenient for couples.
  • Latex: Latex mattresses are those mattresses having all the layers made up of latex rubber, also named true-latex mattresses, or all-latex These mattresses facilitate average contouring with top-notch bounce and durability. Mattresses made of organic and natural latex are popular among environmental-conscious shoppers.

In addition, mattresses vary depending on their sizes; such as single-size (72*36 inches), twin-size (72*42 inches), queen-size (72*60 inches), queen-size XL (72*66 inches), and king-size (72*72 inches). The increase in preference for queen-size mattresses for households, driven by their low-cost availability, and enough space for two adults, and a pet, or child, boosts the sales of mattresses.

The prevalence of arthritis leads to an increased requirement for mattress solutions that offer comfort and support during sleep, reducing pain. People who have developed arthritis conditions experience joint pain, stiffness, tenderness, and swelling. A wrong mattress may affect the quality of sleep of the person by worsening the symptoms. A wide range of ortho mattresses is offered for varying arthritis conditions.

The growth of the hospitality sector leads to increasing demand for mattresses, owing to the increased footfall of tourists to spend their vacations, and explore varying cultures and traditions. Tourists book rooms in hotels, resorts, and guest houses for their comfortable stay and sleep.

Moreover, the rapid urbanization also drives the mattresses to demand as people move to urban regions for better employment opportunities and increase access to basic facilities such as education and healthcare. It results in mass migration with the surging requirement for housing solutions, causing expansion of the construction sector and increase in the requirement of mattresses for quality sleep.

Therefore, the rapid urbanization and prevalence of arthritis conditions lead to increasing demand for mattresses for quality sleep.


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