What is Pog NFT?


What is Pog NFT?

Pog NFT s are the official cryptocurrency for the World Pogger Federation, which will fuel the ecosystem of the World Pogger Federation. These coins will also offer global brands an avenue to engage the community by minting their own Bogart NFT collections. The concept was first explored when the game Pog, The Game You Collect was sold as trading cards. It featured artwork from the popular character Pogman as well as more than 100 licensed brands.

Players of the Game

The idea behind Players of the Game in NFT is that players get rewarded for spending money on various elements in the game. These elements include coins and items. But unlike traditional video games, where players can only use the prizes they earn in the game, the NFTs can be transferred from one game to another. Players can also trade their items with other players for cryptocurrencies.

While the concept of NFTs is promising, there are significant risks. While they promise a system of unique ownership for digital assets, they also allow peer-to-peer chatting
hackers to infiltrate that chain and redirect funds to themselves. Recent events like the hack of the online game Axie highlight the potential risks in this rapidly growing marketplace and the need for better consumer protections.


Pog, the game you collect, is back in the form of Pog NFTs, which will be traded and collectible like their original counterpart. Players will be able to complete sets and compete for the prized Bogart through this unique currency. The Pog NFTs will function as part of a decentralized system, akin to the Web3 metaverse.

The main difference between a real game and a crypto version is that Cryptogs are backed by a cryptographic system. Unlike in normal Pogs, the Cryptogs currency uses the ERC-721 token standard, allowing players to risk tokens without losing them. As a result, players can compete against players around the world, risking their tokens and winning or losing depending on their luck. The whole process is conducted on the blockchain.

World Pogger Federation

The World Pogger Federation is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to developing and promoting the game. In September 1993, the WPF was formed. Since then, they have sold millions of milk caps and officially licensed items such as Burger King products. In 1995, they opened a new modern headquarters in Irvine, California. However, the company soon hit financial problems. During that time, they had already reduced their staff from 61 to 13 and had to file for bankruptcy.

The World Pogger Federation plans to create an official cryptocurrency, the Pogart. This will fuel the world Pogger Federation ecosystem and allow global brands to engage with the community by minting their own Pogart NFT collections. The company was responsible for introducing the concept of trading cards, which became a popular craze in the 1990s. The game, which featured the iconic Pogman, was the first to be sold in trading card format.

Pokemon cards

One way to collect Pokemon cards in NFT is to purchase them. There are a lot of Pokemon cards in NFT, but these are not all common. You can buy a card in the market for 0.10 cents. This is a great way to collect them and trade them for more expensive cards.

Pokemon is an extremely popular brand in the world and has been for over a generation. Its popularity and rarity make it perfect for the non-fungible token market. The NBA has proven that the market for collectible items is huge, and has worked with various series to create player cards for various seasons or moments. This has opened up new possibilities for games and cards in NFT.


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