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Meme Token development
Meme Token development


Establishing trust in the digital age has become one of the most crucial challenges facing us. For years, blockchain technology has taken a center stage in the world of financial services and has developed into a highly recognized asset class. However, its widespread use is yet to be realized in our lives. In order to explore the role of the blockchain in building trust in our age, this blog series will look into different applications of blockchain and how blockchain technology can foster trust in the era of rapid globalization. In this post, I am going to introduce Meme Token as an open-source blockchain-based protocol for the sharing and exchange of memes. Please note that blockchain is just a term to describe the technology that facilitates such transactions.

Why Meme Token?

It’s said the society is going to change drastically, for better or for worse. The world is going to see huge changes and transformations. But there are one common thing everyone can agree on: memes. Memes are immortal, immortal, and real. Whether it is to express the thoughts of people, society, or even governments, memes are considered to be one of the most valuable assets of human life. Meme Token aims at creating the biggest meme universe ever seen in the world. Meme creators would have a clear canvas to share their memes and reach more people. If we take it back, memes are on the same page as a work of art.

What is the Meme Token?

Meme Token is the concept of a shared value that is created by a set of memes. The set of memes is different depending on the content and situations. Memes can be shared by a group of people and also transmitted between groups of people. Through the Meme Token, anyone can become a meme curator and can manage the set of memes that are associated with their values. Memes curator can send a request for the member’s meme and get the meme tokens back. The Meme Token is implemented on Ethereum smart contracts. The Meme Token has built-in Ethereum network interaction functions such as DEX (Decentralized Exchange) and CRYPTO (Cryptocurrency). The Meme Token has the ability to enforce user behavior on the MemeToken network by the reward mechanism.

How does Meme Token Work?

Meme Token is a protocol that can be built using smart contracts, digital tokens, and blockchain. The Meme Token will be created by the Counterparty platform and the Ethfinex exchange. This token will be used in the creation and management of Memes. Meme tokens will be mined to purchase, retain and distribute the Meme Assets (memes). So what is the Meme Asset? The Meme Asset is a cryptocurrency. It is a digital token on the Counterparty platform that is native to memes. So it is the identity and history of the meme. It is the meme attached to a person or a thing. There are different memes for different categories such as food, comic books, clothing, the internet, etc. The meme price system, powered by the memetics and memetics principles, will be the foundation of the Meme Token.

The Meme Token Blockchain – Data Structure and Consensus Mechanism

The Meme Token makes use of a blockchain in order to guarantee the protection of its memes. A blockchain is an incorruptible, decentralized, shared, and public digital ledger. Each block contains a hash of the previous block. By using blockchain technology, the memes’ records cannot be deleted and protected from being manipulated. In fact, memes cannot be modified. The database is run on a Proof of Stake protocol where a meme’s hash is taken into account to determine which nodes hold the right to communicate with other users. The network is comprised of three factors: Meme Economics The amount of content uploaded into the network. Content that doesn’t meet the target voting threshold is automatically blocked from the platform.

The Blockchain-based Smart Contract Platform

Smart contracts, according to the Ethereum Blockchain, are self-executing and distributed processes that are executed by autonomous computer systems and networks, instead of human operators or entities. Meme Token offers users the following core services: – Meme exchange:Â MEME tokens function as a medium of value exchange for the meme market, as they are the currency of Meme Token. – Meme trading:Â Meme tokens are also a tradable cryptocurrency. MEME trading is now in the alpha stage. – MEME Foundation is a platform, where users and traders can interact in a decentralized way. – Meme Proof of Existence:Â MEME token evidence the integrity and authenticity of a meme. It creates an escrow service for users.


The world we live in is more connected than ever before and that makes the job of the traditional media harder than ever before. Memes are an effective tool to help people understand each other more easily. Memes go beyond political and ideological messages to deliver cultural, social, and political messages. They can be used to support social movements and the human condition.


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