What Is Forex market ? How To Trade It

Forex market

What are Forex Markets?

Forex market is an abbreviation of foreign currency and exchange. Foreign exchange is the process of making a transaction of one currency into another currency for commerce of goods and services, buying or selling of stocks and derivatives, and tourism.

Foreign Exchange can be described as trading of one currency for another currency. Let’s say, one can exchange the U.S. dollar for the Euro. These transactions take place in foreign exchange market, also known as the forex market. 

Foreign Exchange (forex or FX) is a global largest exchange market where trillions of dollars are transacted with other currencies of the world. It is the most liquid market where the money market, the market for ethical business treasuries, and many stocks and bonds or derivatives are involved. The aggregate valuation of trading in stocks is equivalent to an hour’s worth of trading in currency everyday across the world. It offers banking facility, multi- asset e-trading venue. The major role in this market are of the larger international banks. Also, The foreign exchange markets operate through financial institutions.

The fraction of forex trades is much more than in the U.S. stock market which trades approx to $257 billion a day.

How to trade in Forex?

  • Selection of currency to exchange for

The selection of the currency pair depends on an individual or a community for which he has to exchange for his currency. Let’s say the U.S. dollar for Euro. More precisely, select the currency for which you want to exchange your own currency. Once the selection is done, then comes the need to find a business place where one can exchange his currency. Foreign Exchange is circulated between the banks and all transactions are regulated by BIS ie., Bank of International Settlements across the world.

Price quotations will vary among dealers. FOREX websites offer competitive quotations on the wide range of currency pairs offered. 

Market Research and Analysis

Once landed in researching and garnering the information about foreign exchange markets, the foreign exchange traders have to keep a regular check on present and historical charts, grasping news of economic analysis and other indicators with the analysis of technicality of the fundamental base of foreign exchange markets. Even if the system collapses, people are free to select their currency and how it would work in Foreign exchange market.

Marginal Leverage

There should be leverage in marginal buying and selling prices when the global currency markets fluctuates, the leverage helps to hold the market value of currency at a marginal price. 

What if one who is trading is a newbie? 

The forex traders of currencies are well-prepared to analyse and actively forecast the currencies they are going to trade in forex markets. Generally, most of the forex traders are MNCs, hedge funds (they are active alt-manageable investments using non traditional approach of investments), or high profile individuals as the forex trading reserves are capital of high poolers. It also advises to preserve the capital for future trade of currencies.

There are three ways to trade Forex. The financial instruments of forex markets are as follows:

Spot market

People predominantly refer to the spot market when they refer to the forex market.It is the largest spot market with assets trading for forward and future markets. It is a two-day transaction as opposed to future contracts which are generally of 3 months. 

The forex trading refers to direct exchange between two countries and there is no interest involved upon the agreed transaction. It is the market where the buying and selling of currencies is based on trading price. The factors that affect the market are the present interest rates, socio-economic-political factors, and risk involved on one currency against the another.

Forward vs Future Contracts

In foreign exchange risk markets, the trader fixes any date in future to trade his currency and the transaction is done on the basis of the then dated market price. The span of time of the trade could be one day, a few days, months or years.  A futures contract is a typical agreement between two parties where currency is to be exchanged on a specific settlement date. 

  • Create a brokerage account

While trading in the forex market one needs to open a brokerage account so as not to pay on fees or charges on buying and selling of currencies in the market. Instead they make profit from spread which in finance refers to the bid -ask spread ie., the difference between two prices of the currencies. 

It is a good idea to start with a forex trading account with a low marginal capital .

  • Develop a trading strategy

To be well-prepared and having a strategic planning, forex trading is a high leverage domain where one needs to oversee the amount of money he is willing to put in and the amount of risk he can bear in non favorable markets.  

  • To check the digits on tips

When trading in the forex market, the digits need to be on the tips of the fingers so as to keep a check on the amount of funds to be invested. It suggests that having the technical factors in favor can earn high profits and the simplification of technical analytics.  

Also, this study recommends placing a stop loss margin at reasonable  prices. The factor which contributes it’s failure is to run stop-orders too close to entry levels. 

The forex market is for 24 hours a day, five days a week—starting each day in Australia and ends in New York. The major business places are Paris,Tokyo, London, and New York.Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Frankfurt.


Currency trading is an act of purchasing one currency with a low interest rate in contrast to purchasing another that has a higher interest rate.


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