Blockchain Basics for Beginners


In recent times, the significance of cryptocurrency has drastically increased. Every other person has invested in Bitcoin, hoping for a successful return. Technical terms of cryptocurrency may seem confusing at first. Beginners find it difficult how to start with cryptocurrency. With so many terminologies and concepts, it can be confusing. Scarlet Financial Singapore offers detailed blockchain courses in Singaporehelping newcomers start their journey of extra income stream. 

If you are new to the term blockchain, here is a complete guide to grasp the concept.

What is Blockchain?

Let’s establish a sound basis for blockchain to understand its functionality further. A blockchain is an immutable decentralized digital ledger that provides its shared users with the recording and tracking of transactions and assets. It is also known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Blockchain technology is significant because it provided security to financial transactions and recorded data that cannot be altered or hacked.

The users and the computer systems for blockchain are known as nodes. Nodes can store and verify data with the digital ledger. They maintain copies of blockchain and smooth network functionality. 

Blocks of the Blockchain

The data in the blockchain is stored in the form of blocks, holding a set of information. These blocks have a certain storage capacity. Once filled, the block is connected with a new block, creating a blockchain of information. The data chained together is a chronological order through cryptography. 

Cryptographic Keys

There are mainly two cryptographic keys. These are essential in blockchain functionality. It includes private and public keys. The key provides a successful and secure transaction between two parties. Every user has access to these two keys that help establish a secure identity known as a digital signature

What is Blockchain Hash?

Hash is an immutable cryptographic signature. It can also be known as the block identifier. The hash can be up to 64 digits long. It has a mathematical function in cryptocurrency. It is performed through a specific algorithm that generates a specific length hash code used in mining. It protects the block’s placement in the blockchain. Blockchain hash is unique as the value of any two hash cannot be the same for two data chunks. If it is the same, then the hash algorithm will become ineffective. It is called a hash collision. 

How Does Blockchain Works?

You must be scratching your head and reading these technical terms repeatedly to get hold of the concept. Learning through a blockchain course in Singapore can strengthen your concepts about cryptocurrency and blockchain importance. 

It is crucial to understand how a blockchain works to get hold of the blockchain concept. Let’s break down its working step by step as follows:

  1. The authorized participant initiates a transaction that is verified through the technology
  2. As a result, a block of data is created representing the transaction data
  3. The block is transferred to all nodes that verify the user’s status and validates the transactions.
  4. The new block is created for the ledger and is added to the existing blockchain once the nodes have been confirmed.
  5. To finalize the transaction, an update is created among the network. 
  6. Once data is recorded, it cannot be changed and can be viewed by everyone.

Scarlet Finance Singapore can enhance your knowledge and strengthen the concepts of current financial marketing trends and technology. Enrolling in their blockchain courses will give you professional insight into Singapore’s blockchain and crypto functionality. 

Advantages of Blockchain

Blockchain technology can be applied to various industries. It is often assumed that blockchain is limited to cryptocurrency. Here are some of the benefits of blockchain technology, making it worthy for various industries.


Blockchain technology provides decentralization improving transparency. It removes the need for a central administrator to validate transactions and various processes. Hence, improving efficiency. The data in blockchain technology is time and data-stamped. Members can view transaction details and give them the assurity of no fraud. 

Better Security

Blockchain technology is known to prevent unauthorized activities and fraud. Its unique working prevents the possibility of hacking. Data on the blockchain is recorded in various networks rather than in one system, making it difficult for hackers to view information. It also offers anonymization to users to prevent access to personal data. 


We want to speed up our processes with efficiency in our fast-paced life. Blockchain provides trusted automation, increasing the efficiency and speed of transactions. The processes are automatically completed using blockchain’s smart contracts upon meeting the requirements.  



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