The Benefits of Blockchain Based Instant Messaging Applications

Blockchain Based Instant Messaging Applications
Blockchain Based Instant Messaging Applications

The benefits of Blockchain Based Instant Messaging applications are numerous, as they have the potential to change the way we communicate on a fundamental level. In this article, we’ll be going over some of the benefits of Blockchain Based Instant Messaging Applications, and we’ll also be giving an overview of what exactly they are and how they work. If you’re interested in finding out more about Blockchain Based Instant Messaging applications and their uses, continue reading!

Easy and Secure Communication

Bitcoin’s decentralized network can handle much more than just currency, which is why many people see it as a promising tool for secure and easy communication. Although they take some time to understand, blockchain-based instant messaging applications are easier to use than you might think. These apps are also completely free and work across platforms, which could be another reason why they appeal to so many people.

Strong Encryption

Bitcoin’s security is created in large part by blockchain’s strong encryption and its decentralized model. When two people send messages to each other over Blockchain, their messages are instantly and automatically encrypted and impossible for anyone else to decrypt not even your ISP, who can see every website you visit. This feature creates a level of privacy that previously did not exist with instant messaging applications.

Free Services

One reason for bitcoin’s success is that it offers its users a number of free services. In fact, some bitcoin-related companies offer free services to increase adoption. Some examples include web hosting, wallet and payment apps, chatrooms, gaming platforms and more. Because these companies only operate using bitcoins, they can provide their services at no cost while still profiting from its exchange rate against other currencies.

No Data Tracking

All your data is secured in an encrypted vault and stored on a decentralized blockchain, ensuring that only you can access it. Thus, with no central server to hack into, instant messaging apps based on blockchain technology are far more secure than their counterparts.

Fast and Immutable Transactions

Before a transaction is added to a blockchain, it is digitally signed to ensure that no one else can alter it once it’s on there. The blocks are then distributed among network participants (called miners) who add them to their copy of ledger and then race to solve complex cryptographic puzzles that seal each block in time. This makes data immutable, no one can go back and change what happened previously.


The world has changed drastically in recent years, thanks to modern innovations like smartphones and social media platforms. No longer do you have to place a phone call or type out an email to stay in touch with your friends and family. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, the list goes on and on. These are instant messaging applications that allow you to chat instantly with anyone across continents.


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