Ten tips to trade cryptocurrencies for first time


The general press is filled with headlines about cryptocurrencies names like bitcoin, Ethereum, and dogecoin. As returns rise, investor appetite increases. These ten tips might help you if you’ve never traded cryptocurrency before.

What is the next crypto to explode? New cryptocurrencies are being introduced every day and are already traded by large investors.

They no longer view it as a speculative investment. Instead, they see a bright future for it. Nobody wants to miss out on this opportunity. These are some tips to help you invest.


1 – Don’t invest more than what you can afford to lose

This maxim applies to any investment but it has a greater meaning in cryptocurrency because of the uncertain and volatile environment in which they operate.


2 – Investigate

Don’t believe everything you read about cryptocurrency. Research the cryptocurrency you are interested in investing in and speak with experts. Find out what your value proposition is. Also, find out if the utility it offers can be adopted by the market. Value is created when there is utility.


3 – FOMO Resistance

FOMO stands for fear of missing out. You can lose everything if you invest in fear of losing it.


4 – If you think it is too good to be true it probably is.

There is a lot to the world of investing and cryptocurrencies will not be an exception. There is no holy grail or invincible investment.


5 – It is wrong to believe it. You must verify.

You should confirm that all statements made by potential investors are true before you invest. In the world of cryptocurrency, there are many scammers out there taking advantage of unwary investors.


6 – Don’t rely on unitary bias

A cryptocurrency quoted at 1 doesn’t necessarily mean it is cheaper because that is not its purpose. What was the purpose of creating this currency? Aso, what is your purpose? What are the people who are involved?

How active is the GitHub repository, where open-source updates are typically logged? What security model do you use? Proof of work, or some other type?


7 – No keys no coins

The downfall of leaving keys in the wrong hands can be disastrous. In recent months, numerous attacks have targeted decentralized finance and Defi platforms. Your keys can even be exposed and exchanges can be hacked. A cold wallet, cold wallet, or even a cold computer should be used as a leader. The hot wallet should only be used to trade cryptocurrencies.


8 – You can purchase fractions

Bitcoin lets you invest up to 8 decimal places. This means that you don’t have to purchase a complete one. It allows you to make small investments and benefit from the price rises without taking on too much capital.


9 – Learn the tax consequences

Cryptocurrencies do not have to be paid taxes because of the legal framework that has been created. To avoid being surprised, it is important to analyze the financial situation of each country.


10 – Don’t be obsessed with the market

You don’t need to spend hours looking at the price on the computer. Market fluctuations are normal. The market fluctuates regularly. You should purchase a certain amount of cryptocurrency by dollar-cost average (DCA), at regular intervals (daily or weekly, monthly or yearly), and not just look at it.



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