What is KuCoin and how do we promote it?


The KuCoin trading platform is probably the largest in the crypto world. In our vision, KuCoin will become the crypto exchange of the future and the crypto exchange of the world. We’re working to make this vision a reality and will constantly be coming up with new and creative ideas to reach this goal. 


We are always interested in feedback and want to know how to make KuCoin better. KuCoin has a public development process with a multi-level technical evaluation, which is highly transparent and actively monitored. For instance, you can read a detailed review of KuCoin Weekly Review: Pros and Cons and additional information about the voting process here.


How do we promote KuCoin?


As mentioned, KuCoin is the biggest exchange in the world right now, but is it actually promoted? KuCoin is not just another exchange but also a “future” token on the token market. Not only is KuCoin a big platform, but it also has some other unique characteristics which make it stand out. One of these characteristics is that KuCoin ICO has a reputation as one of the most effective tokens that have ever been offered to the community. 


Many of you may ask yourself, why KuCoin? After all, ETH price and bitcoin price have already been very well-known and adopted by the community. Our answer is that KuCoin is very different from other cryptocurrencies. Unlike Ethereum and Bitcoin, KuCoin is 100% decentralized. 


With very few conditions and no side chains, KuCoin allows users to access multiple decentralized protocols in one token. For example, KuCoin users can access Storj, EOS, Peercoin, Bitshares, and numerous other protocols in one single wallet. KuCoin is a utility token, but it also offers many other benefits and possibilities for the community, and this is why KuCoin has been rated as the most well-known and popular ICO right now. 


With the help of our MVP, we will make sure to work on numerous new and exciting products and services and bring them to the market so you can see and use them in the near future. And as mentioned, many new and exciting ideas are being developed by our development team that can make KuCoin the most interesting cryptocurrency exchange you have ever seen! KuCoin is the future and you have been an important part of making it happen. KuCoin will always be looking for the best feedback from our users and will try to be as transparent as possible to improve the experience for everyone.


What are the benefits of KuCoin?


Consumers can buy and sell KuCoin with their virtual currency wallet in the way they prefer, by buying and selling tokens in one of the many decentralized exchanges or making payments with their credit cards or bank accounts. Users can access many other decentralized protocols in one token by going through the various layers of the KuCoin ecosystem. In the future, we plan to offer a trading platform that will function between all of the decentralized protocols. 


In the next few weeks, we plan to list EOS, Tether, NEM, and BAT on KuCoin in order to further expand our user base and give them all the opportunity to trade these blockchains with one another. This means that all of these blockchain applications can operate on top of KuCoin and interact with one another to create a decentralized ecosystem. 


This will be made possible by using the BFT and the KuChain open-source project. KuCoin is a “future” cryptocurrency and our main focus is to ensure that this future is a bright one. From the day KuCoin launched, the future has become brighter. We have seen several exchanges today and so many different platforms operating across the globe. 


KuCoin is different because the goal is to create a decentralized exchange ecosystem that will enable users to buy and sell with their own cryptocurrency wallet and use other protocols to interact with each other. Moreover, with our leadership team being very experienced in the crypto exchange field, we are willing to take some risks and introduce a large amount of new and exciting products and services for the community.


What can I do to promote KuCoin?


It’s very easy to promote KuCoin. If you have an account with KuCoin, you will be able to make numerous payments using credit cards or bank accounts, you will be able to buy and sell tokens on the decentralized exchange, you will be able to participate in ICOs, and much more. When one of our new products launches, you will be able to see it and have an opportunity to make it happen in your digital wallet. On top of that, you will be able to become a member of the KuCoin community and actively participate in our development process.


How do I know if I’m on top of the most popular KuCoin wallet?


You can check the top 10 users by clicking the “Users” tab at the top of the screen. As you can see, KuCoin is in the Top 10 right now! One of the things that really stands out is the ease of buying and selling on the exchange. With our smart order book, you can buy and sell at the best prices and within the shortest amount of time possible. 


The smart order book makes trading a lot more efficient, while also providing users with the opportunity to quickly and efficiently make money. With KuCoin’s blockchain technology and user-friendly interface, you will be able to trade all of the different blockchains available. We are committed to constantly evolving and improving the digital currency exchange in order to make your experience as pleasant as possible.


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