How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Blockchain-Powered eWallet App?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Blockchain-Powered eWallet App

As technology advances, people demand more manageable and more secure solutions. The latest technology in which most finance businesses are putting their trust is Blockchain.

As Blockchain technology is becoming popular, several new business owners have started investing in it. And we can see the massive rise in the development of Blockchain technology and its applications. So, if you have the requirement to develop an eWallet app, it would be the right choice to keep the latest technology, Blockchain, as the core.

However, the most crucial aspect of app development is estimating the cost. This blog will uncover the cost associated with the development of Blockchain-powered eWallet apps.

Several factors influence the development cost of Blockchain-powered eWallet app, such as:

App Platform

The foremost factor is the type of platform you choose to deploy your app. Based on the platform you choose to deliver your app, whether Android, iOS, or hybrid, your app development process will change accordingly.

On average, it costs around $32,000 for an Android app and $40,000 for iOS app development (or more with additional features or product scope).

Features of Crypto Wallet Apps

The following important factor is to understand the features of the eWallet app. If you choose to integrate the basic features in your app, it would cost less, whereas, for additional features, you might have to pay extra costs to your Blockchain development company.

Some of the features that you can include in your Blockchain eWallet app are:

  1. Two-factor Authentication
  2. Multi-Currency Support
  3. Push notifications
  4. QR Code Scanner
  5. Transaction feature
  6. Reports and analytics

Tech Stack

For creating a robust eWallet app, it is necessary that you use the correct type of tech stack. Make sure the developers you hire for developing the eWallet app must be well-versed in their technical field and apply the proper technology principles.

By conducting the interview, you can test what type of technology your app development company will use and how experienced the developers are.

App Development Company Size

As Blockchain technology’s popularity is rising, more development companies are now providing Blockchain-powered digital wallet app development services. However, it is necessary to ensure that you hire the right development company under your budget.

The bigger the company you hire for the development, the higher the price will be. Therefore, perform extensive research before selecting the company.


Hope the factors mentioned in this blog will help you estimate the cost of developing a Blockchain eWallet app and decide your budget accordingly.

Depending on the project scope and platform you choose to deploy the eWallet app, the average development cost will be around $80,000 to $90,000 (or more with advanced features). You need to define your project scope and be clear about the requirements for estimating the exact price of app development.

Moreover, several other factors can also influence the cost of Blockchain eWallet, such as company location, app design, etc. You can send the inquiry to the company website and ask your queries from them.


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