How to develop a popular OTC crypto exchange like coinbase?


Coinbase is one of the popular OTC crypto exchange platforms in the crypto industry. Its bulk-trading features and revenue-earning factors influenced many business startups to pick the coinbase as their business model. More than this, when compared to other prominent exchanges, one can easily generate a huge amount of profit by starting a crypto exchange exactly like coinbase.

After deciding to start a crypto exchange like coinbase, you might have confusion in the development process.

To solve your confusion and help you to create a wonderful space in the crypto era, I’m going to give a quick overview of the development methods. At the end of the post, you can get a clear view of it.

Generally, a crypto exchange like coinbase can be developed in two ways, such as

  • Development from Scratch
  • Coinbase clone script


In this method, you need to develop your crypto exchange from the ground up. It takes a prolonged time period for the deployment process. But in this method, you can get your software output as per your accurate needs. A lot of coding work is involved in this method and requires an expensive amount of funds for the development process.

Coinbase clone script

Coinbase clone script is the pre-coded crypto exchange software that holds all the functions and plug-ins of the popular exchange – coinbase. Therefore, you can easily customize your software as per your business needs. By utilizing this coinbase clone script, you can quickly start your crypto exchange like coinbase within a week. And it comes up at a budget-friendly cost.


By considering these, As a startup, if you want to start your dream OTC crypto business in an affordable way, then going with the coinbase clone script is the finest solution. Apart from these, by utilizing this coinbase clone script, you can get a lot of unbelievable benefits.

Without any delay, it is the right time to acquire the coinbase clone script and become a popular entrepreneur in the future

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