Buy or Sell different gift cards for BTC

buy or sell bitcoin for amazon gift card

Buy gift cards with bitcoin

A gift card is a type of prepaid debit card that can hold funds for future use. A gift card can be used to pay for a portion of the purchase with cash from a store, gas station, restaurants, and other locations. It is debited or credited to balance the expenses. A gift card is offered by many offline and online marketplaces. You can get gift cards from Amazon, eBay, iTunes, Xbox, and best buy, etc. Some gift cards charge a fee to purchase them. One can sell and buy gift cards with bitcoin easily at any of the exchanges that offer this service. 

Sell & Buy Gift Cards with Cryptocurrency

People use Cryptocurrency especially, bitcoin as a method of payment in those countries where BTC trading is legal. People buy different this using their bitcoin wallet. There are many online platforms where you can buy and sell gift cards with cryptocurrency i.e bitcoin. Some of these platforms which support buying and selling of gift cards are Coincola, eGifter, Bitrefill, Gyft, Bidali, and Purse. The vast majority of gift cards can be purchased with bitcoin easily. There is a huge variety of products for which you can buy a gift card with BTC. Ranging from clothing and household accessories to gaming, food, entertainment, and a wide range of commodities. An old age question asked by the bitcoin holders is “how to convert bitcoin to gift card?” You can easily convert bitcoin by following simple steps. Let’s take an example you are buying a gift card with BTC at Paxful.

  • Create an account on Paxful.
  • Verify your account.
  • Tap sell bitcoin option
  • Then select sell bitcoin for a gift card.
  • You will receive an e-gift card instantly. 

Virtual card to BTC to Gift Card exchange

A virtual card is used as a payment method at that marketplace that doesn’t exist physically where you don’t have to visit to buy things. It works only in a virtual market and can’t be used in physical stores. To avoid fraud, these cards can be used once and expires in a month. These cards can be used to get bitcoin and vice versa. Many online exchanges enable you to get bitcoin through virtual cards.

  • Register yourself by sign up
  • Verify yourself through email
  • Go to buy the bitcoin option.
  • Choose a virtual card as a payment method. 
  • Understand the terms of the vendor 
  • Crack the deal and start trading

Then you can exchange bitcoin for gift cards the same way and the procedure is already discussed above. 

Sell Bitcoin for Amazon Gift Card

Amazon is said to be the world’s largest online retailer that deals in all kinds of products worldwide and provides cloud services. Amazon provides free delivery on millions of items. You want to buy different household things or any other thing of your use and don’t have money in your credit card. You can buy an amazon gift card with BTC and pay with that gift card. Many platforms like Purse, Paxful, and Localbitcoins provide the service to buy an amazon gift card with BTC. The procedure to buy gift cards with bitcoin is simple and easy.


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