Is bitcoin a safe haven for financial Investments 

is bitcoin a safe haven asset

Is bitcoin a safe haven for financial investments 

It is an undeniable truth that one of the highly famous and widely accepted cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” has paved its way to the new historic heights of glory. The ever-growing demand and highest volume of day-to-day trading of bitcoin have increased its price to an extreme level. Bitcoin is the top growing and the most profit-gaining industry around the globe. The rapid growth of bitcoin has made it the most reputable digital currency in the world and a large number of people are investing in bitcoin each day. According to a prediction, bitcoin will take over the paper currency in the coming years. Now the question arises and is most frequently asked by the new investors “is bitcoin a safe haven for financial investments?” Bitcoin is a secure and safe financial investment because you can easily sell it at any time anywhere. Numerous monetary specialists consider that Bitcoin investment is a significant resource for an investment portfolio as it can give security during a financial crisis. Bitcoin has become a safe heaven just like gold. 

Is bitcoin safe?

Bitcoin doesn’t exist physically neither you can touch it nor you can seel it. It is a digital currency that exists in the form of addresses. It can be lost or hacked if you will not adopt the safety measures. Before buying bitcoin you need to get a safe bitcoin wallet that keeps your crypto assets safe. There are some secure ways that you can adopt to keep your BTC assets safe i.e storage wallets. The beginning of Bitcoin may have been destroyed by hacks and frauds, however, with the technology getting more managed and certified by worldwide financial institutions, it has to a great extent emerge from the shadows and acquired a level of authenticity. As the technology has acquired more extensive acknowledgment, better approaches to purchase, sell and store Bitcoin have made it an easier, more helpful, and safer investment technique. There are some risks also associated to invest in bitcoin i.e bitcoin prices may fall after you invest, Someone could get access to your private key and take your bitcoins. To avoid such a thing you must keep safe storage. 

Hot Storage or Online wallets

Hot storage is an online wallet that is connected to the internet. This connection is what makes a device “hot” ultimately. You can easily access your funds in a hot wallet. You can also use hot storage as a method of payment for a day to day micropayments. Hot storage wallets act like a wallet in your pocket i.e you keep the necessary money in your pocket while traveling and the rest of your assets are somewhere else in the safe storage. The hot storage keeps the part of your BTC assets accessible while the major portion of your assets is in a safe haven.. However, making transactions is very quite simple with hot wallets. 

 Cold Storage or Offline wallets 

Cold storage wallets are offline wallets and are considered the best and highly protected method to hold bitcoin assets. t is the most secure way to store cryptocurrency. Cold storage wallets are a necessary security precaution while dealing with large amounts of Bitcoin. Numerous types of storage wallets are practiced by traders when it comes to cold storage wallets. Its offline feature makes it diverse and highly protected. 


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