What is Viral Coin and How to Buy it?

viral coin

The development of blockchain technology is currently occurring very quickly. This technology’s growth and development have taken a significant leap forward in the last ten years. We can notice that many networks are now frequently launching new coins and tokens.

DeFi Token would transmit value during a financial transaction since it functions exactly like the digital equivalent of a fiat coin.

ViralCoin recently made a successful launch with special sophisticated features that will help alter fair launches forever. The Fair Balanced Launch is defined specifically for ViralCoin.

Accordingly, the cost of this token will remain stable as long as new coins are being minted and up until the maximum total supply has been reached across all networks where it has been introduced.

To do this, Viral Coin developed the ViralVault, which will allow the liquidity pool to always be balanced whenever a new ViralCoin is coined. The maximum price of the token will remain consistent thanks to this idea and the function of rebalancing the liquidity pool until the entire supply of ViralCoin has been produced.

ViralCoin could legitimately be referred to as a major innovation in cryptocurrency. The on-chain on-token referral scheme that underpins this new coin is the first of its kind. As a result, ViralCoin aficionados might join the community without having to buy tokens. For this, it is required that 1% of the ViralCoin purchase be transferred to the recipient’s wallet address after referral.

A 3 per cent redistribution fee will also be charged to all holders of pro-rata, excluding the team wallet, as part of the additional tokenomics offered. It was emphasised during the ViralCoin launch that an auto-LP function is not required, hence ViralCoin would only be sustained by the Fair Balanced Launch.

In the liquidity pool, ViralCoin and UDS Coin (USDC) are paired. This was done so that ViralCoin will be able to survive in the unfavourable circumstances of the cryptocurrency market. This has assured the development and increased popularity of ViralCoin.

ViralCoin has a promising future since it has established a decentralised autonomous organisation for the widespread adoption and use of blockchain technology. A specific planned proposal for ViralCoin is for creating a wallet using subscription-based smart contracts.

To increase its acceptance and user base, it is also suggested that this new token be integrated with the major e-commerce partners. In the foreseeable future, this token has the potential to develop into a lifestyle token. For more information on ViralCoin and to learn how to easily join other networks, including Binance, Ethereum, and others, visit the website.

How to Buy It?

Different steps must be followed while buying ViralCoin on different networks such as Binance, Avalanche, Polygon and Ethereum. These steps are discussed as follows:

  • First, you will be required to install the Metamask and set up your wallet.
  • In the next step, you will be required to switch to your preferred network where you want to buy Viral.
  • In the third step, you will be going to Metamask Press and will select the option “Buy”. After this, you will be required to follow the steps to put gas in your wallet so that you become able to buy Viral Coin.
  • After that, you have to visit ViralCoin.com where you have to click on “Buy Now” through which your Metamask Wallet will be connected.
  • After the successful connection of your MetaMask wallet, you can see either one of two options. The options could be either “Buy Form” or “Unlock”. In case the option of Unlock appears, you have to click on it to get permanent access to the ViralSwap exchange on your preferred. In this unlocking phase, you will be charged with few cents for processing.
  • Now, you will be heading toward the final steps. In this step, you will be required to enter the amount you want to spend on buying Viral Coin. After that, you will be required to click on the “Swap” button to complete your acquisition.
  • This would be the last step in which your buying process of ViralCoin will get completed in just a few seconds.

We hope, you are clear in knowing about the process of how to buy ViralCoin. For further information or any query, you can visit the website of Viral. So what’s waiting for, just take your phone and complete the process of buying ViralCoin to enjoy the never-ending benefits of this newly launched digital coin.


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