What Does the Site offer and Does It Have Unique Features? 


What Does the Site offer and Does It Have Unique Features? 


Cryptology is the crypto exchange and trading platform offering the simplest functionality. It is well-designed to suit all types of traders. It has features that may not be found on other trading platforms. However, it offers very impressive fees and minimum requirements, which make it an ideal site for beginner traders.

This crypto trading site is incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles. It is licensed to operate in many regions except in Japan and The US. This review delves deep into the features and the trading options available. Thus, if you intend to join, it would be great to read this review to the last word.


The platform has a user-friendly and intuitive interface with a modern look. It is availed to all users in both web and mobile browser options. In addition, you can download its mobile application, which offers the same interface, features, and unlimited convenience since it can be used on the go.

Those who would like to use the app can download it from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It will offer the features and everything else you can find on the web version of the website.

The platform offers the following languages; Japanese, Polish, German, Hindi, English, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, French, Portuguese, and Bulgarian.


You can open a new account with ease. The account creation steps require an email, country, and password, followed by a KYC process.

It has two verification steps that you should complete to remove all account limitations. The first step of verification asks for basic KYC requirements: personal data such as names, proof of identity, and a picture. If you finish this step, you can use up to $10000 in your account.

To have limitless deposits and trading balances, you should finish the second verification process. This process does not require a lot of details. You will only provide proof of residence which could be a utility bill, government-issued credential, or even a bank statement. Note that the document that proves your residence should possess a name, issuer, and address.

Completing these processes gives you unlimited use of your account.

Cryptology Features

Buy Crypto

The cryptocurrencies on https://cryptology.com/ are traded against EUR, USD, and RUB. The website supports USDT, XLM, XRP, BTC, ETH, LTC, and ZEC. Users can expect to have more of these added soon. In addition, it is possible to convert BTC to USDT and vice versa just by clicking or tapping a button.

Cryptology Exchange

The cryptology exchange has many pairs that you can trade on the easily customizable interface. The layout has market charts and a number of tools for analyzing your trades. You can trade the digital assets against stablecoins and fiat currency by placing market orders, limits, and stop-limits.

The trading pairs available are –  BTC, ETH, XRP, DYDX, DAI, USDC, TRX, BAT, KVI, PSC, XLM, BCH, LTC, ZEC, USDT, 1INCH, EURS, EUR, USD, RUB, and more.

Crypto Futures

It is easy to place perpetual trades on the futures market, which offers a leverage of up to 100X. While trading futures, you can go for both cross-margin and isolated margin positions. Open trades are always protected during high volatility situations by a risk mitigation system that reduces the risk of default. There is also an insurance fund set by cryptology to protect stakeholders’ interests. The dedicated insurance fund also comes with an auto-leveraging system to make it achieve its objective.

Cryptology Earn

Earning passive income is a dream that many people have, but it is hard to actualize it in most cases. But with this platform, you can generate passive income even if you do not want to engage in trading activity. The platform has a special feature called Cryptology Earn, which offers all users an opportunity to earn an annual interest of 15% on all digital assets they lock in this feature.

Therefore, you can hold your crypto assets such as USDT, USDC, DAI, BTC, and EURS to earn a high interest rate. Indeed, this interest rate is higher than that of the banks. Besides, you will have various investment terms to select from. You can opt for 30, 60, or 90 days to hold the digital assets as you earn the 15% interest with daily compounding. You can withdraw your earnings when the period you have chosen lapses.

Low Barrier to Entry and Attractive Fees

One of the primary reasons why this crypto site is said to be made for everyone is its low fees. You do not require a huge initial investment to use this site. It maintains a low minimum order that starts at only $0.10 or its equivalent. This low minimum order makes it possible for any trader to engage in low-risk trades. This order size highly favors new traders since they may not be able to request high orders.

You can use this site if you are new to crypto trading since it has a very low minimum size order that favors you. Besides, the fees and commissions on this site are low. This is another factor that favors new users and even expert traders.

Taker and maker are charged a very low fee of 0.002. In addition, all open futures trade orders are not subjected to ant rollover or overnight fees. But deposits and all withdrawals incur a nominal fee for cryptocurrencies and fiat transfers from and to the user’s account.

Deposit and Withdrawals

As stated above, here is a nominal fee charged on deposits and withdrawals to and from this platform. The site allows users to deposit funds into their accounts using visa and MasterCard powered by credit card and debit cards. It also accepts Boleto, Deposit Express, and Loterica, and a number of cryptocurrencies, including ERC20, TRC20, & Omni standard USDT token.

You can withdraw funds from your account using all cryptocurrencies supported by the website apart from BCH or Wire Transfer.

Support and Security

The support infrastructure in this platform is well-organized. It has enabled the operators to take care of all user queries in less than ten minutes. They are also capable of resolving any.

Thus, if you have any issues that you would like to raise to the help team, please reach them at support@cryptology.com immediately. You will have your questions answered within a short period. Moreover, the site has a help icon that you can tap to create a ticket for requesting support.

But before you try these two ways, go through the FAQ section. The FAQ section carries many queries and detailed answers. You may have your concerns taken care of by this section. If you do not get what you want, you can now use the two methods mentioned above. Once you have submitted your query or complaint, allow some time for the support team to get back to you with a complete solution.

This platform utilizes all the cybersecurity measures that include SSL and 2FA for all user accounts.


This platform has the best crypto trading features. It employs simplicity in its functionalities and has an easy-to-use interface. With this site, you can enjoy very low minimum order sizes that start at only $0.10 0r its equivalent. It supports many options for funding your account as well as withdrawing the winnings. You can also earn passive income by using Cryptology Earn, which has its latest special features with flexible investment terms. This is a nice investment plan for anyone who does not intend to get into active trading but wants to generate passive income. Join this platform today to trade and earn passive income.


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