Top 3 Forex Day Trading Strategies

Day trading

Is Forex Day Trading?

Forex day trading is a strategy where the traders open and close the positions within the same trading day. The day traders take the benefits of the small price trends during the trading day. Day traders typically open multiple positions and hold these positions for a short period of time to make small profits. They believe in making hundreds of tiny trades with small gains. To execute the  traders should have sufficient market knowledge and experience. There is no trading strategy to be successful in forex trading. The perfect market knowledge and the correct trading plan is required to gain profit and reduce market risks. 

Best 3 Forex Day Trading Strategies

The Forex market is one of the most volatile markets across the world. It is dependent on volatility and liquidity. Volatility is the immensity of the market movement, while liquidity is the ease of the asset’s price reflecting value on the market. To trade forex successfully, traders must have the correct plan and trading strategies. Therefore we are listing the top 3 forex strategies.

Scalping What forex Trading Strategy

Scalping is a forex trading strategy that aims to gain several tiny profits based on small price movements. Scalpers usually trade-in quantity like in a bunch, as they have to navigate the market noise. Scalping can be thrilling and can be tricky at the same time as the traders have managed the closing of the loss positions in proper timing.

Scalper doesn’t wait for the reversal of the market. To execute the scalping strategy traders should always focus on excellent liquidity, high volatile currency pairs and perfect execution timing. If done correctly, scalping can be the most profitable strategy in forex trading.

Momentum Forex Trading Strategy

Momentum trading is the simplest forex day trading strategy which is based on searching the high volume and high volatile currency pairs. Traders open the position to take the benefit of the movement of the price in the market and square off the position once the movement loses its momentum.

It must follow a high level of discipline in momentum trading to understand the timing of opening and closing the position. Traders should have control and patience while opening and closing the position.

Momentum trading is the best strategy, but at the same time, it’s also difficult to execute correctly. It needs lots of practice and learning to master this strategy.

Pullback Forex Trading Strategy

Pullback trading is also known as the reversal trading strategy. This strategy tries to gain profits. Such as if there is an upward trend in the currency pair and traders spot the sign that price decreases will be there, they will try to make a profit from the reversal of the bull trend. 

Pullback includes a lot of risks. Traders should be able to recognize the reversal with high expectation and their strength. Daily pivot strategy is considered a crucial method of the pullback trading strategy, as it is perfect in trading the daily low and high reversal.

How Forex Day Trading Works

Traders use the high leverage benefit to make small amounts of profits by trading in high volumes. Traders always try to make small profits as they trade in big lot sizes with the help of leveraging. As a daytrader, they mainly focus on generating an adequate amount of pips within the trading day.

Traders should create the returns on both the lows and highs of the currency pairs. Every forex day trading strategy uses the same tools, but the difference is the only different approach and different timing in execution. Generally in day trading traders try to make small profits, but they achieve a significant amount at the day end with several trades.

Different indicators and tools are used in forex day trading some of the famous and most used indicators are the Fibonacci indicator and MACD indicator.

Bottom Line:

Forex trading strategies need plenty of practise and discipline to execute this correctly. These are some tips for forex day trading strategies.

  • Traders should always trade with minimum risks.
  • Limit the number of assets while trading.
  • Plan the trading strategies correctly
  • Choose the right broker.

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