The Complete NFT Collection Marketing Strategy Guide in 2022

NFT Marketing

Planning to launch an NFT project to make millions from your artistic insight, or do you want to launch your NFTs to go with the flow and with the intent of making millions. It would be best if you had a great NFT collection marketing strategy to pave the way to success.

Are you an aspiring NFT creator, or do you just want to sell your NFTs? This blog will help you understand the NFT market so that you can frame your own NFT marketing strategies that drive success for your project. 

What is an NFT Collection?

NFT or a Non-Fungible Token is a set of data that is non-transferable. Well, most people these days are unaware of the NFTs; therefore, they find them as difficult as rocket science.                                                                     

An NFT collection is a group of NFTs that share a common theme. For example, the BAYC or Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT is a group of NFTs. Similarly, here are some of the top NFT collections you can check out in the market

  • Otherdeed from another side.
  • BAYC or Bored Ape Yacht Club.
  • MAYC or Mutante Ape Yacht Club.
  • Crypto Punks.
  • Moonrunners.
  • Clone X.
  • NFT lands.
  • Doodles.
  • Veefriends.
  • Goblin Town.                        

So, now that you know what an NFT collection is, let us now understand how the NFT collection marketing strategy works and how to build value for your NFTs. 

Best NFT Collection Marketing Strategy to follow.

1: NFT Listings

The ultimate goal of marketing your NFT collection is to improve reach to ensure that more & more people know about your project. NFT listings are one of the best NFT collection marketing strategy. You have to publish your NFTs on different websites to ensure that people who surf NFT collections can explore and learn about your NFT project. For example, a recent NFT collection called TACO BELL listed NFTs that sold out within 30 minutes, which helped them catch a lot of popularity for their collection. 

2: NFT Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to promote an NFT collection. There are a lot of NFT influencers available on different platforms like Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook. They are educating their audience about NFTs and inspiring them to get into the world of digital assets. Influencers have a wider reach; therefore, they can help you get huge traffic and traction for your NFTs. One of the most popular platforms, NBA Top shot, took help from several NFT influencers, and they successfully sold out several NFTs within one minute of launch. 

3: Social Media Marketing

Suppose you don’t want your NFTs to get a rapid reach and then fade away where all the market leaders describe your project as the hype. You have to go with social media marketing, one of the best marketing strategies to transform your random visitors into loyal NFT fans. 

Nowadays, most of us keep ourselves updated on social media by posting about every single minute; therefore, how can you miss out on not uploading information about your NFT project. 

According to recent research, almost everyone who uses a smartphone spends around two hours scrolling feed on at least two social media platforms every day. So, if you are planning to launch your NFT project in the near future, not promoting your brand on social media is a huge mistake to commit. 

For NFTs, some of the best social media platforms include,

  • Facebook,
  • Instagram, 
  • Twitter, and
  • Youtube.

3: Community building

Well, the success of your NFT collection depends on what sort of community you have built to back your project. In simple words, if you don’t believe in the community, then you shouldn’t believe that you can make millions from your NFTs. In the digital age, most successful NFT projects are backed by a loyal community of people who build value for your NFT project. 

Discord and Telegram are the best in the business when the concern is about building an NFT community for your project. 

Keep in mind that when you are building your NFT community, you must constantly post something to keep your community active, engaged, and cheerful. You can share some memes and host events, activities, AMA, and live sessions to connect with your community members. Community building is one of the best options to promote your new NFT collection. 

4: Email Marketing

Well, if this is not going to be your first and last NFT venture, then email marketing is one of the best NFT collection marketing tactics that will help your project grow. It allows you to connect with your target audience and frequent buyers and increase the credibility of your project. Email marketing lets you share exclusive content about your brand to your customers via mail and keep them updated about your latest projects. 

5: Paid Ads

When the concern is about becoming rapidly popular, there is no better way than leveraging the applications of paid advertisements as they will help you in getting better reach and huge traffic quickly. There are various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing, and Yahoo where you can post ads related to your NFT collection. 

Apart from the paid ads, you will also have to build an engaging website with an easy user interface as it will act as your digital store where people will visit you after viewing your ad. You will also have to use SEO or Search Engine Optimization strategies to improve the ranking of your website to ensure that you have to spend less on advertisements. 

Well, it is highly recommended to hire an NFT collection marketing agency that will help you in running ads, SEO, landing page creation, and various other NFT-related digital marketing activities to ensure that you don’t have to scratch your head in optimizing your NFT marketing campaign with all the important NFT marketing tactics

6: NFT PR Marketing

When you join the NFT world to get your NFTs sold out, you will have to spread the word about your project. Your target audience is crypto investors, digital creators, and art collectors eagerly waiting for upcoming projects. When you are launching your NFT marketing campaign, you will have to expand your reach with PR. 

Again if you hire an NFT collection marketing agency, they will help you partner with the best NFT publications where you can promote the details of your project and get a chance to engage their target audience within your NFTs. A common mistake that most digital creators make is they don’t go with both PR and influencer, but both have their own pros & cons; therefore, it is best if you go with both PR and influencer marketing. 

7: Creating interest in your NFTs

There is no doubt that nobody will invest a penny in your project unless or until it is interesting. When you are creating your NFT project, you will have to ensure that the storyline fits into your customers’ hearts or that nobody will invest in your NFTs. 

Sum up

Creating an NFT project is not something big in this digital age, but ending it on a profitable note is challenging; therefore, you need to promote your NFTs in the right way to make the most of your NFT collection. Eon8 offers unique marketing tactics for all its clients; therefore, you get a marketing strategy that aligns with your NFTs. So, what are you waiting for to partner with Asia’s largest NFT marketer right now? 


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