Sell Bitcoin for Cash in Nigeria to Get the Best Price

sell bitcoin for cash in nigeria
sell bitcoin to naira

Sell bitcoin for cash in Nigeria 

Bitcoin is the digital currency that exists virtually in the form of addresses. It is the #1 digital currency that is so much popular all around the globe. Bitcoin trading is legal in almost every developed and developing country. In many countries, BTC holders can use it as a method of payment. Bitcoin is said to be a digital asset that doesn’t exist physically in the form of other currency coins. The best thing about BTC is you can buy and sell it easily for cash while sitting anywhere in the world. Bitcoin trading in Nigeria is also legal and you can easily buy and sell bitcoin for cash in Nigeria. There are many platforms through which you can buy and sell BTC in Nigeria i.e Peer-to-peer marketplace, bitcoin ATMs, and online exchanges.

How to sell bitcoin to naira

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency around the globe. Investors trade in bitcoin each day. The price of bitcoin depends upon the investment. If more people invest in bitcoin, the price of BTC increases. If more people withdraw their investment from bitcoin, the price of bitcoin decreases. Investors in Nigeria buy and sell bitcoin to Naira. There are many platforms where you can convert BTC to naira at the best exchange rates. If you are looking to sell 1 bitcoin to naira then you have to follow some simple steps.

  • Search for the best exchange according to your requirements. 
  • Send your bitcoin to that exchange
  • Convert the amount of bitcoin you want to cash out
  • Select naira as a receiving currency
  • Now withdraw the fiat currency into your account

How much is bitcoin in naira

Bitcoin can be easily converted into cash at any place at any time. You just need the proper guidance about the procedure to convert and which platform to choose while converting BTC to cash. Bitcoin can be converted into Naira using any of the conversion methods i.e peer-to-peer marketplace, BTC ATMs, broker website, and exchanges. P2p marketplace gathers the buyer and sellers together where they trade in BTC. AT Bitcoin ATMs you can buy and sell bitcoin for naira within a matter of seconds. The broker website acts as a third party between buyers and sellers and takes the commission. Online exchanges are considered the best way to sell bitcoin for cash. These exchanges provide the price of bitcoin according to today’s foreign exchange rate. Today’s foreign exchange rate of bitcoin in Naira is 20,743,850.62.

How To Open A Bitcoin Account In Nigeria

It’s easy to open a bitcoin account if you know how to create an account. There are different rules and regulations to open an account in every country. In Nigeria, there are some rules which you have to follow to open a bitcoin account.The procedure is as follows:

Step 1: Firstly, get a bitcoin wallet from any website and download it. The bitcoin wallet is a simple app from which you can receive or send bitcoin cash.

Step 2:After downloading the wallet add your bitcoin to the wallet. 

Step 3: Now you can use a bitcoin wallet to hold and send bitcoins.

These are some of the simple and easy steps by which you can easily open your bitcoin account in Nigeria by which you can buy and sell bitcoin for cash in Nigeria. 


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