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About ood By Artist, Michael Kalish

Working within the confines of the traditional art sales’ landscape throughout the last 26 years, I too have searched for answers to those questions regarding resale transactions and equitable artist participation. Furthermore, like many artists and creators, I have also struggled with finding protection from fraud and false identity.

Recently, I have been encouraged by new solutions to issues of resale equity, the democratization of art investing and authentication in the form of NFTs for digital art. However, until recently, there haven’t been adequate answers for resale equity and fraud protection for physical art. That changed when I was introduced to a new platform called ood.

ood is a blockchain-backed marketplace and ecosystem that has created a unique new space for artists, collectors and brands. It combines web3 values with physical works and facilitates a game-changing secondary marketplace and community for collectors, brands, artists and creators. ood features financial participation in all transactions for artists, creators and brands including secondary market sales. ood’s platform finally solves the problem of resale participation for creators and artists. We, as artists, are now able to receive 10% of all resales in perpetuity.

By attaching a physical work’s digital image, biographical and creative content, like storytelling, to a secure blockchain database, ood protects each works’ authenticity and provenance while enhancing the art’s value. ood provides frictionless reselling for collectors in a safe and trustful marketspace.  Finally, ood facilitates invaluable, direct access to a community of collectors for direct engagement, relationship building, and further sales opportunities.

I aligned with ood as a featured launch artist, where I will release my first ever 2D work. It was important for me to incorporate as many sculptural elements as possible, including metal templates, layered paint, and candy colored acrylic plexiglass. I have plans underway too for a future ood drop that involves a tie-in to the world of sports and charitable giving, which is also very important to me.

As it pertains to creating visual art, storytelling and cultural dialog through our work, like most artists we want to be an innovator. In the business of selling art, I believe ood is also truly innovating, addressing key issues that are important to artists’ futures, and to the collectors that support us.

By Michael Kalish

California-based artist Michael Kalish was born in Atlanta, Georgia and gained Global recognition over the past 26 years for his inventive approach to creating sculpture. Kalish became known for transforming everyday objects such as license plates and truck tailgates into meaningful works of art as well as creating large scale Public work for Cities across the Globe.

Michael Kalish
Michael Kalish , renowned California-based artist represented in Galleries both in the US and Abroad

Kalish is represented in Galleries in the US and Abroad and has had several museum exhibitions. His work, both large scale and Gallery collections are in countless prominent public and private collections worldwide.


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