Major Reasons Why Enterprises Prefer EOS blockchain

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A computer application running on a decentralized blockchain network with the help of smart contracts is known as a Dapp. The adoption of these decentralized applications is more these days. Dapps facilitates peer-to-peer communication between the network participants. So, we can eliminate the third parties to perform transactions or similar operations. 

As we know already, multiple blockchains are available to develop decentralized applications. EOS is one such potential blockchain infrastructure that helps developers to deploy useful Dapps. 

Let us dig in to know more about the EOS blockchain and why developers are choosing this blockchain widely!

About EOS 

The EOS or EOSIO blockchain platform is an open-source decentralized platform with high flexibility and scalability. In this blockchain, developers can deploy customized decentralized applications with enterprise-grade features. 

Building an application in EOS is simple because they use similar programming languages as non-blockchain applications. This means that the creator will have a familiar environment for developing an application. Thus, the network participants will be able to get the best user experience.

Other than this, EOS also has the usual characteristics such as immutability, transparency, traceability, security, privacy, and decentralization. Let us move on to the reasons which make the users prefer the EOS blockchain. 

Major Reasons To Choose EOS Blockchain 

One can develop a highly secure Dapp using the EOS blockchain. It acts as a highly secure platform that enables hassle-free communication between the internet and the Dapps. EOS provides various functionalities such as authentication, data hosting, permissions, asynchronous communication, app scheduling, and usage management of decentralized applications. 

In EOS blockchain, Dapps can run smoothly and achieve high scalability. It has high resistance to crashes. Users can perform about 3000 transactions per second(TPS) which may extend to million TPS in the future. The EOS blockchain can handle thousands of Dapps without depending on the size of the project. Also, there is no transaction fee which is obviously an attractive feature for the users.

As EOS runs using the Delegated Proof Of Stake consensus mechanism, it is more efficient than other blockchains. Smart contracts help in improving the transaction speed up to thousands of TPS while others can only do hundreds of TPS.


In recent years, the usage of blockchain and blockchain-based applications is getting more in various industries. While looking for a suitable and scalable platform for developing an efficient Dapp, EOS seems to be trustworthy. However, you will need the support of an experienced team to get the most suitable Dapp development services.


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