Is It Possible To Earn With Decentralized Applications

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Earn With Decentralized Applications

Cryptocurrency has earned a value for itself in this current generation. It is one of the by-products of revolutionary blockchain technology.  Along with crypto, another sensation is roaming around the internet. 

Decentralized applications (Dapps) have a similar interface to regular mobile applications. But dapps provide added benefits like security, anonymity, privacy, transparency, decentralization, and cost-efficiency. It is the reason why many investors and enterprises have started spending money on dapps. 

Dapps provide enhanced data administration and maintenance. When miners verify transactions and transfer them into the network, the developer will obtain tokens as a reward. Moreover, mining will require more algorithmic and computational work. 

Do you know? One can easily earn using dapps, and it will take just a few steps to get them monetized. Let us help you with that!

Steps to monetizing your dapp

Dapps will be the best way to establish a business. Here are the simple steps you can try out to earn from it.

  • ICO and Token

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a process similar to crowdfunding. Global investors will see your project idea and the interested will fund it. ICO is most suitable for startups and entrepreneurs because it will help to raise capital for their projects.

  • Premium Features

One can also earn by offering premium features in return for money. Under premium functionality, a customer can get exclusive access to specific content available on the dapp.

  • Advertisement

Dapps can be used as a platform for displaying advertisements. Even popular brands will choose this kind of application for branding their product. However, only a good and widely used dapp will attract advertisers. 

  • Subscription

It is another way of earning money using dapps. You can add a membership program to the customers and offer additional services to them. So, the users who require unrestricted features, they will pay and subscribe for those services. 

  • Transaction Fee

Dapps can charge a reasonable amount as transaction fees. Only a fair deal will provide convenience to the users or else they will switch to your competitor dapps. 

  • Subsidies

One can add a donation section in their dapp to contribute to a social cause. The subsidies can be collected either as fiat or cryptocurrency. The higher the user base, the higher will be the chances of getting more donations. 

There are no restrictions for developing and launching a dapp in the blockchain. To make it even easier, get help from a professional dapp development services company. You can leave the rest of the work to the team and get your custom dapp handed over to you in a short time. 


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