IGO Launchpad Development For New Business Opportunities


Blockchain technology is becoming quite popular in recent years. Each and every business deal is being commercialized to exceptional ranges with the help of blockchain technology. The number of business platforms entering the digital platform is limitless now. The blockchain network is a digital ledger that stores all kinds of data regarding the digital platform and secures them perfectly. When it comes to platforms that require immense transparency and security, blockchain technology is a perfect fit. And the domain that will be benefited from the notion of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. 

At present, the gaming platforms are the best ones out there. This industry’s growth is immense ever since it was launched many decades ago. It is safe to say that the gaming industry is one of the pioneers in revolutionizing the computer age and creating something that was peculiar and incredible. Like every other platform in the digital space, the gaming industry is planning to evolve into something more as well. In order to let it process, blockchain technology is used. Now, we have blockchain games in our hands and the evolution of the blockchain games is paving the way for the creation of exceptional ideas for business platforms to start their own. In order to assist these aspiring business platforms in the gaming industry, IGO Launchpad Development is added.

What is an IGO Launchpad?

The initial game offering is the new way of raising funds for business platforms that are looking to excel in the digital gaming industry. At present, a wide range of gaming platforms are using the IGO model. The complete functionality of the IGO is very similar to the other fundraising platforms for crypto projects like IDO, ICO, IEO, and many more. The investors will invest in the gaming project and in return the investors will be rewarded with the native tokens of the gaming platform.

The IGO model is conducted on a platform called the launchpad. The IGO launchpad allows blockchain gaming platforms to list their projects. Once the project is listed, the investors will go through the project documentation and decide whether to participate in the project or not. The investors will be rewarded based on the number of cryptocurrencies they hold in the decentralized platform.

Why are Fundraising Mechanisms Created Exclusively For Games?

In the past, the gaming platforms were exclusive for the developers when it came to sharing profits. The only piece of benefit the players got was the satisfaction and joy of playing the game. Therefore, in order to make players happy and get what they wanted for a long time, the concept of blockchain and non-fungible tokens was added to the equation. With these impressive technologies, the gaming industry is now able to make players earn profits by trading the in-game assets in the game or in various secondary marketplaces. These in-game assets are represented as NFTs. These impressive beneficiary factors are leading to the inspiration of business platforms to adopt this gaming idea. Hence, in order to take the development of gaming platforms to the next level, the IGO Model is used. And the utilization of the IGOs has led to the creation of IGO launchpad development for business and making it primary guidance for newcomers to raise funds in the decentralized space.

Advantages Of Blockchain Games

  • Decentralized gaming platforms are developed on the effectiveness of blockchain technology. Therefore, all the data regarding the game will be open to everyone who is involved in the game. Hence, blockchain games are highly transparent.
  • Since these games are running on the blockchain. The sudden shut down of the game and the deletion of the game data is prevented. Therefore, the data is secured even when the game suffers an abrupt shutdown in the middle.
  • A great way for the players to monetize. The in-game assets in the game are represented as NFTs. Since they are NFTs, they can be traded on various NFT platforms. These NFTs are either bought in the game with fungible currencies or won by finishing levels or gameplays.
  • Since these are blockchain games, interoperability is encouraged. If multiple NFT games are developed on the same blockchain, the in-game assets can be exchanged and they can be initiated seamlessly without having to face any delay in the gaming platform.

The Future Of IGO Launchpad Development

The future in the sector of decentralization is looking bright. An immense level of business platforms is entering the IGO domain to raise funds. As long as the demand for new gaming platforms is there, the growth of the IGO launchpad development will always be high. Hence, these launchpads are perfect for business when it comes to decentralized gaming and gaining profits in a very seamless manner.

Final Thoughts

An IGO launchpad development is the best way for business entities to provide assistance in raising funds for the upcoming blockchain games. Hence, in order for businesses to develop their own IGO launchpad, it is necessary to hire a top-tier blockchain and games development company and make use of their impressive benefits.


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