How To Start Your Own NFT Gaming Platform Using This Axie Infinity Clone Script


Script For An Axe Infinity Clone

Anyone can start their own NFT-based gaming platform similar to Axie Infinity using the decentralised, thoroughly tested, and error-free source code known as the Axie Infinity Clone Script. In-game elements like battle, breed, axie, land, and others are also developed and implemented into this Axie Infinity Clone Script so that players can gain NFTs.

With the goal of luring more players to the platform, Bitdeal creates and implements Axie Infinity Clone Scripts with cutting-edge gaming features. Contact our experts right away to learn the cost details of our Axie Infinity Clone Script.

Script Specifications For Our Axie Infinity Clone Version:

  •  Script for an axe infinity clone (Updated in August 2021)
  • NFT Gaming Marketplace script type
  • cryptocurrency Ethereum (Based on your requirement)
  • APIs: Security APIs and gaming APIs.
  • Battle, breeding, land, the market, and other features are inherited (Customizable)

Software to Create an Axie Infinity

The Axie Infinity Clone Software is a fully decentralised source code with gaming features and plugins that enables users to create their own NFT gaming platform similar to Axie Infinity. The features in our Axie Infinity clone software can be added or removed at any time based on your needs and current market trends.

To quickly launch your own NFT Marketplace, we offer a software package that is an exact replica of Axie Infinity. Did you know about the NFT Game Development Company services, which is trending right now for any any nft development needs, you must checkout these services and stay updated with the latest things about nft gaming.

Axie Infinity Clone Script Features

The core capabilities of the Axie Infinity Clone Script are listed below:-


Making the virtual pets engage in combat is Axie Infinity Clone Script’s key feature. The players who triumph in the battle receive wonderful rewards.

All of the pet’s six body parts—eyes, ears, horns, mouths, backs, and tails—can be used to attack and defend in the game, with the exception of the eyes and ears.

Breeding Axie

Axie breeding is the process by which players can advance their pets. Through breeding, a new species of pet with mated genetics is created, which can be raised to participate in combat against any player.


The so-called 301*301 grid serves as the game’s own kingdom in the Axie Infinity clone. The players can always buy a tokenized plot at any location on the predetermined grid. Any landowner can upgrade and customise the boundaries to accommodate shops.

Localized Tokens

The platform will have proprietary tokens that offer users governance features. Users have the ability to make platform improvement suggestions once they earn governance rights. The players are also given the opportunity to vote on crucial platform features like transaction costs and others.


It has a market place where NFTs can be effectively traded. These NFTs may take the form of in-game items like pets, accessories, and fantasy creatures.

Features of the Axie Infinity Clone Script Additional features include staking, farming, breeding, governance, native tokens, and more.

Developing Axie Infinity Clone

Axie Infinity Clone Development is the process of creating and testing a script or piece of software with functions and add-ons similar to those found in the Axie Infinity NFT Gaming platform in order to start your own NFT Gaming Marketplace. To attract more players’ attention, you can also alter the features of the Axie Infinity Clone Script.

If you are successful in the NFT market and have the necessary technical skills to create the Axie Infinity Clone Script, the development of the Axie Infinity Clone is straightforward. If not, you can get in touch with the top Metaverse Development Company, such as Bitdeal, for help creating the best Axie Infinity Clone.

Why Launch a Platform for NFT Gaming Like Axie Infinity?

  1. The monthly revenue of Axie was about $90M, which was more than the combined revenue of the top ten apps.
  2. One of the biggest NFT marketplaces, Axie Infinity, set a new record for token sales.
  3. Nearly 250,000 players are active each day on Axie.
  4. According to the Substack Newsletter, some people left their jobs in order to play Axie Infinity.
  5. The cost of Axie increased by more than 600% in a single month.

Axie Infinity: What is it?

The gaming platform Axie Infinity is based on NFT and features a play-and-earn cryptocurrency token game. Axie Infinity users can play games to earn cryptocurrency tokens, which they can then exchange for real money on any decentralised exchange.

The players on this platform can choose to own creatures referred to as Axies. The only thing this Axie is is a non-fungible token (NFT), a special collectible. Players can farm resources, breed axes, fight axes, and complete quests.

The Lunacia gaming platform has a functioning economy. In-game currency such as Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) can be used by players to purchase land, engage in farming, and raise axes in Lunica, the virtual economy. Because these tokens are valuable, players can use them to pay for things like rent, food, etc. in the real world.

You can earn tokens in the virtual world known as Axie Infinity, which was created with inspiration from the Pokemon franchise. Here, players can raise, raise, and construct a kingdom for their pets. They can also include them in battle.

The Axie Infinity technology

The platform selected Ethereum in 2018, but as time went on, it became impossible to build complete blockchain games on Ethereum.

The team studied blockchain technology as a result, concentrating on adding decentralization to a number of features.

Play to Earn believes in bringing decentralization applications to the Axie platform and does not insist on a fully decentralized blockchain.

Play for Cash

The idea behind “play to earn” is to draw a diverse group of players to the Axie in order to reward them for finding tokens while giving ownership and stake to the members of the community who are the most active.

This play to earn allocation is merely a marketing budget for the Axie Infinity platform, and it is increased when any game modes or products are to be promoted.

Governance makes decisions about these distributions over time.Many types of services are changed with time from one of these Artificial intelligence is one of the most important part of Information technology industry. Did you know P2E Platform Development services are in great demand due to boost in internet industry. TO know more you must read about it and about its services

Why Play for Cash?

Players are necessary for all games, and when they play, they benefit the network and are rewarded.

As gaming never ends, Axie Infinity is recruiting missionaries to align incentives.

This AXS, the Axie Infinity governance token, is intended to act as a growth hormone as a child develops into an adult.

The Axie Infinity technology

The platform selected Ethereum in 2018, but as time went on, it became impossible to build complete blockchain games on Ethereum.

The team studied blockchain technology as a result, concentrating on adding decentralisation to a number of features.

Play to Earn believes in bringing decentralisation applications to the Axie platform and does not insist on a fully decentralised blockchain.

How Does The Axie Infinity Platform Work For Gaming?

Gamers who want to purchase ETH for Axie Infinity’s starter pack must either create an Ethereum wallet or use an existing one.

Open a profile on the Axie Infinity Marketplace.

You can use your Metamask-created Ethereum wallet to directly log into Axie Infinity if you have one.

Deposit your ETH after downloading the Ronin Wallet browser extension.

From the Axie Infinity Marketplace, purchase Axies.


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