How To Approach A NFT Influencer? The Right Way

Nft influencer marketing agency

Influencer marketing is one of the vital strategies you will have to follow when you are building your NFT community. Although influencer marketing is a time-consuming task, it is the best when you want to create hype about your NFTs. 

You should also not feel relaxed and settle with the success you get from the hype, as your ultimate success or ROI depends on the value built after success. 

By now, you must be clear about the fact that we are talking about influencer marketing which is one of the best ways to promote your NFT collection. 

So, you have decided that you will not go with an NFT influencer marketing agency, and you want to drive influencers for your NFTs on your own. You have landed at the right place as we will be guiding you to the best NFT influencer marketing guide.  

1: First Things Comes First:

The key purpose of an influencer marketing campaign is to build the value of your project. Influencers have a huge fan base which you can use to promote your NFTs. The first and foremost way of getting in touch with an NFT influencer is you will have to contact them through email. There is no doubt that a successful influencer will get hundreds of emails every day. Therefore, you will have to grab their interest to ensure that they will read your email. 

2: Show them significance:

When you contact an NFT influencer, you will have to make them know why you follow them and why you have selected them and not anyone else. Additionally, you will have to also get in touch with various NFT influencers; therefore, it is best if you have a template decided in your mind.

3: Have a clear intention in your mind:

It is necessary to make your intentions clear when you are hiring an NFT influencer. Whether you want them to post on your social media handle or you want them to know about your intentions and be clear about what you want. So, try to keep it straightforward and focus on what they want. 

4: Be patient:

When approaching an influencer, you cannot expect quick replies as you are the one who has approached. They don’t owe something to you, so if you are expecting faster replies, you might end up not even receiving one. Moreover, asking them to promote your NFTs on their social media platform must look like an offer and not a request. 

5: Finalize terms and conditions:

Nobody is going to bring the paparazzi for you for free. Therefore, you will have to discuss the payment terms before you partner with the influencer. Most of the influencers take NFT as payment if the popularity of your project is increasing rapidly. Other influencers might not be interested in your NFTs, and they will ask for their charges for promotion. Undoubtedly, you will have to keep a hefty budget in mind when you approach influencers. 

6: What If You Don’t Get A Reply?

A lot of NFT creators keep asking questions about what to do when they don’t get a reply from an NFT influencer. It is entirely natural if you don’t get a reply from an influencer but you don’t have to stop your efforts. You can also send a follow up email as they might have lost your e–mail owing to a busy inbox. In addition to that, if you don’t succeed after multiple attempts it is the right time that you understand that they are not interested within your project. You can move on and go ahead and with other NFT influencers in the market who can understand the value of your NFT project. 


Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to drive influencers to your NFTs. Additionally, you will have to focus on your approach rather than hiring the best influencers for your NFT promotion. 




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