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Shaggy area rugs are a great way to add a luxurious look to your floor. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns and are made with natural fibers. These rugs are great for your living room and can also help to make your floor feel safe and cozy. Mat the basics is the leading Rugs Manufacturer, Wholesaler, and Supplier in the United States. At Mat the basics, we’re building on our history of creating beautiful flooring and home furnishings. We strive to be a design leader, the world’s number one rugs manufacturer and supplier and collaborate with like-minded companies, designers, and consumers to make a difference in the lives of those who work on these beautiful products. The team of weavers, craftspeople, and designers at Mat the Basics are true artists, their presence is celebrated, and they are praised for their inventiveness and dedication. The first step in manufacturing a shag rug is creating the design. The design is created by making an artwork, which includes accurate measurements of each design element. The cutout pattern is then placed on the bed of a Clicking Press machine, and sewed with a sewing machine. The resulting shag is then covered with latex and a non-woven sheet. Another way to manufacture a shag area rug is to use a foam sheet. This adds body to the rug and makes it feel slightly cushiony. Then, a synthetic material is glued to the back of the piece. This makes the rug extremely durable. If you want to add a little extra warmth to your room, shag area rugs are a great choice. Shag area rugs are available in many styles and colors. Some are hand-tufted while others are flat-woven. Shag area rugs make a great focal point in any room. They add style and vibrancy to any space. They also help a room look more elegant and spacious. When shopping for a shag area rug, you need to consider how much space the rug will take up. You may want to invest in a higher quality rug to make sure it lasts. A good quality rug will shed less wool than a cheap one. In addition, shag rugs can be difficult to clean if they are exposed to heavy foot traffic or friction. You should also be prepared to invest a significant amount of money into a shag area rug. Choosing a shaggy area rug made in the USA will help to keep American manufacturing alive and create jobs. Buying American-made products will provide you with quality and make your community stronger. It will also make your home look more stylish and add to your home's interior design. Cowhide area rugs are available in a variety of sizes. While a 2x3 rug is most common, you can also purchase a large 8x10 rug. Prices for these rugs range anywhere from $30 to $300. They are an excellent choice for your home if you are looking to add a touch of luxury and comfort.