Why Choose CryptoApe for Remitano Clone Development?


Are you eager to launch your own crypto trading company? CryptoApe has a team of leading p2p cryptocurrency exchange platform developers. To offer Remitano Clone Script with revolutionary security features to let you establish your own Remitano-like P2P exchange platform.


Before getting into the reasons to choose CryptoApe as your Remitano clone development, let’s get to know about the Remitano clone script in-detail.


What is Remitano Clone Script?


Remitano’s p2p cryptocurrency exchange platform was launched in 2016. The platform uses a peer-to-peer network to facilitate the exchange of Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. Remitano clone script refers to an exact replica of a cryptocurrency platform such as Remitano with 100 % certified adjustable choices to make it uniquely suitable for your business.


Using the Remitano clone script, you may create a trading firm that is remarkably similar to the Remitano platform and has all of the features of this popular site.


Why should you consider CryptoApe for developing a crypto exchange platform like Remitano?


  • We develop extremely safe and secure Remitano clone script,
  • Integrated with practically every local cryptocurrency system to make the trading process easier,
  • Adaptable and ideal for Bitcoin and other altcoin users to connect locally from anywhere,
  • Two-factor authentication techniques are used to protect vendors’ and buyers’ cryptocurrency holdings.


There are many more advantages to getting a Remitano clone script from us. Reach us today for getting free demo: Remitano clone software


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