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A Complete Guide to White Label Exchange

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What is White Label Exchange?

Let’s be honest, there is not much difference between a centralized exchange software and white-label exchange software. There are quite a number of exchanges that use centralized exchanges for trading. On the other hand, some exchanges outsource their trading to third-party exchanges.

Then there are the exchanges that create their own white-label software. These are the ones who chose not to buy third-party services to facilitate their trading.

There are some advantages of using a white label exchange. It saves investors from the hassle of getting up-to-date information about their cryptocurrencies. Also, the white label exchange is free of charge to use.

White label exchange software provides the complete crypto trading infrastructure for investors to utilize.

Benefits of White Label Exchange

The White Label Exchange is absolutely the most popular software in the world for White Label exchange.

The White Label Exchange Software has all the features which a centralized exchange software gives. It is all in one and can be adopted anywhere.

Also known as the FBA Software.

The decentralized exchange software is completely different from the other decentralized exchanges. It doesn’t depend on any particular server for the exchange of digital assets.

The decentralized exchanges require users to register their accounts before they can be used. In a decentralized exchange users never give away secret passwords or private keys. Users can use the wallets provided for their accounts but as of yet, it is unknown whether a central server can be used to access these accounts.

Who is Eligible for White Label Exchange?

The product which is considered as White Label Exchange is not meant for only one business or any company as it would fit best for any new business. It can be implemented for a startup or an existing business and even small-scale businesses could take part in this business by opting for a white label system.

Other than any of the business or any business groups, any white label system for eCommerce, ethereum, any platform that can enable online payments to receive or make payments or exchange cryptocurrency will apply. Business owners can simply choose their own logo or logo in their own style from available options and launch a White Label Crypto Exchange.

What is the Process for White Label Exchange?

To start an exchange, it’s a good idea to find a bank or financial institution that is willing to manage your exchange. The exchange itself will not be a bank or financial institution, but will offer customers to deposit funds with them to buy or sell tokens or their trading pairs. The exchange will have an ID number and will have a list of its members and accounts; it will also provide the required payment processor and API to the trade interface.

The main thing is that the exchange must be launched as a KYC-compliant trading platform. As a trading system, it will use the same API as Nasdaq. If your business is a stock exchange, then it is easy to set up, and will be a good idea to do this in the first phase.

How Much Does it Cost to Use White Label Exchange?

When compared to traditional centralized exchanges like Binance Exchange and OKEx, the use of white label exchange software is cost-effective. White label exchanges allow a startup or a business to build a decentralized exchange with zero investment in crypto infrastructure.

Use of decentralized exchanges:

For a startup with an average monthly gross profit of US$3,000, your crypto exchange software fee would be lower than half of that.

For a business with an average monthly gross profit of US$1,000, your crypto exchange software fee would be lower than 10% of that.

Developing your own token exchange software:

The installation of a token exchanger is the highest cost component. To do that, you will need at least one dedicated server and several programmers.

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