Where to get a cryptocurrency exchange development

cryptocurrency exchange development

If you are a Crypto business freak, then I recommend the best cryptocurrency exchange development company like Zodeak company to you. Zodeak company one of the best crypto companies in this crypto world. Zodeak currently supports trading in a number of famous cryptocurrencies. Here are some of the services and security features of Zodeak company… 


Zodeak will offer the best Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services on various platforms like

  1. Centralized crypto exchange development
  2. P2P Exchange development
  3. OTC trading platform development
  4. Security token exchange development
  5. Hybrid Crypto exchange development
  6. Multicurrency wallet development
  7. Crypto exchange development like binance
  8. Cryptocurrency development services
  9. Decentralized exchange development


Features of Zodeak Cryptocurrency exchange platform


  1. Manage your funds
  2. Build customized features
  3. Integrate APIs
  4. Immutable Admin panel


Security features of Zodeak Cryptocurrency exchange platform


  1. HTTPS authentication
  2. CSRF protection
  3. Encrypted data
  4. Anti-Distributed Denial of services(DDOS)
  5. Server-side request forgery(SSRF) protection
  6. Escrow system

If you want to start your own Cryptocurrency exchange platform with zodeak

Then feel free to consult with their excepts


Whatsapp – +91 9360780106

Email Id – sales@cryptocurrencyscript.com

Skype – live:.cid.7b61f4409914a2a7


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