What is special about Jump.trade’s Cricket NFT game- The Meta Cricket Legaue?

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NFT gaming is something that is getting global attention these days. Not just gamers, NFT enthusiasts are getting into this platform for entertainment and a passive income at the same time. With lots of Play-to-earn NFT games burgeoning the market in recent times, it is indeed difficult for gamers to find the best p2e NFT game that will fully satisfy their needs. NFT gaming sector is still in its infancy. This is helping the newly emerging game to learn from their mistakes. While games like Axie Infinity are getting popular and, at the same time, face a few challenges, new games are emerging to fill their setback. Jump.trade’s Meta Cricket League is one such emerging game that is getting the spotlight. What do you have to know about the World’s first-ever play to earn Cricket NFT game? How is it different from other NFT games? Let’s dive in!

The world’s first ever P2E NFT game on Cricket

Jump.trade NFT gaming marketplace initiated the NFT drop of the first ever P2E NFT game on Cricket. The marketplace sold out all the 55,000 NFTs in just 9 minutes on the day of its drop. Ever since then, there has been a huge demand for these NFTs in the market. With a detailed roadmap, and the whitepaper of the game, the team behind Jump.trade is doing a great job of giving the best cricket experience to the players. It is a simple game of cricket, and anyone who knows cricket can play it. The game rewards the players based on the runs they score during the matches.

Making the difference

What is so special about MCL and Jump.trade, and why is there a huge hype around it? Here are a few reasons to support the statement.

Usually, for any game that would use an in-game token, the token will be released first and then the game. There were also many instances where such games that came with the token first game next concept failed miserably. Understanding the basics of the tokenomics of a play-to-earn game, Meta Cricket League came with the game first token next concept.

This will considerably reduce the possibility of the unwanted depreciation of the token value. Building a stable game with a community and then releasing the token is what keeps MCL unique.

Not just this, it is a play-to-earn game where players can earn money every time they hit the ball. For every run they score, they earn equivalent rewards. With stunning graphics and Cricket in whole new sets, this game is the game changer for anyone who loves cricket.


As a growing sector, the gaming industry is seeing a lot of technological changes, and blockchain technology is one of them. With Non-Fungible tokens, blockchain has redefined the future of gaming, and this is benefitting both the gamers and the developers. Jump.trade’s Meta Cricket League has just started its wave to reach people, and it is already getting attention from giants like Flipkart. With this big score, the game is striving to place itself at the top, and it is evident that it is getting better and will become the best soon.


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