What is Pancakeswap clone script and How to start your own DeFi Exchange like Pancakeswap?


What is Pancakeswap?

 PancakeSwap is one of the famous DeFi based Protocol which aims to provide Automated Market Making (AMM) by being a #1 liquidity provider. This open-source DeFi based exchange is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) through which the platform users can swap BEP-20 tokens.

CAKE is the native token of PancakeSwap and the users can swap, add liquidity, farm, yield, stake, and win CAKE Tokens through the lottery.

PancakeSwap Exchange Specification:

Type – DeFi Based Exchange

Native Token – CAKE Token

Blockchain Network – Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Token supported for Swapping – BEP-20

Exchange Model – Automated Market Maker (AMM)

Popular Features of PancakeSwap:

  • Swapping 
  • Farming
  • SYRUP Pool
  • Addition of Liquidity
  • Staking 
  • Lottery
  • NFTs
  • Teams and Profiles
  • IFOs

Business Benefits of launching DeFi Protocol like PancakeSwap:

Listed here are the benefits of creating a DeFi based exchange like PancakeSwap.

  • Less Initial Investment
  • Generate High ROI
  • Huge Liquidity at Launch
  • Eliminates middleman
  • Go with DeFi trends
  • Fast Brand Identification and visibility
  • 100% Guaranteed Trading Volume
  • No manpower required and more.

What is Pancakeswap clone script:
It is a Decentralized exchange script which is completely built upon DeFi based open source protocol. By using this script anyone can launch their own DeFi exchange platform like Pancakeswap.

Where to get Pancakeswap clone script:

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