Top Trading Tools For Trading In Forex


Volatility and forex are synonymous to each other. It aptly defines the fluctuations that take place in the foreign currency exchange program. But there are methods to get into the world of currency exchanges. You have to follow the path and see what’s the best possible way that one can adopt to shine through in the financial market. So, for finding an appropriate path, you either turn towards a consultant or look for brokers or experts that can make your forex trading easy. We are here to offer an introduction to some of the finest techniques and tools that can ease your foreign exchange trading. 

Economic calendar as a tool 

It is an underrated and most underused tool in forex trading but has a profound impact which not many can decipher. Examining your schedule and events is a pitiless step which needs enduring if you wish to have profits coming your way. You should plan your week and then go by it. 

An economic calendar lists out different policy statements from several countries that can impact currency pairs, reports and speeches by senior officials of various corporates, central bank interest rates, economic releases, and news of national elections and civil wars. These piece information are integral and essential for the growth and gains of an investor. 

It includes the previous and expected number of growth. It can affect significant currencies. If there is a deviation from the exact numbers anticipated, either way, then the volume and volatility are unprecedently high. 

An economic calendar not only keeps the stats of events but also helps in telling the effect a currency can have on the portfolio of a trader. These impacts are denoted by several colours like red, yellow and orange. They showcase moderate, low and high impacts of the market. 

Different calculators 

There are distinct calculators for vetting various scenarios of the market. It includes margin, currency pip, profit etc. You can find these on your broker’s place. 

Margin calculator:-  It is the percentage currency amount needed to maintain and open a position in an account of trading. A margin calculator utilises the margin percentage, computes the currency funds required for holding a forex position and required margin. 

Currency pip calculator:- It represents the smallest unit of movement of an exchange rate of currency pairs. A pip calculator helps in determining the value of a pip or its worth. Its basis is the size and position in the local currency. 

The calculator here displays the value of a particular and chosen currency. It is based on a micro-lot of thousand currency units. The mini-unit includes ten thousand currency units while the standard lot has a hundred thousand currency units. Also, you have the option of entering a required position amount. 

Profit calculator:  All efforts that go into the forex market is for-profit booking and gains. The calculator allows you to know the loss and profit of a trading position. The best part is, it tells about distinguishing exchange rate levels.

Volatility calculator: It fetches the historical data and information that entails the story of historical volatility for every currency pair. It happens in real-time for multiple time frames. The time period ranges from one week to a year. These calculators have the empowerment to compute the volatility of options prices. 

Investors can reduce or elevate their position sizes depending on the outcome of the volatility; higher or lower. It can help mitigate the factor of risk. 

MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 platforms 

These two platforms blow life into any online brokerage firm. They have a reputation of expediting forex trading and bringing in benefits as profits. There is a feature of automated trading where you just have to monitor the market. Everything else happens automatically as per the instructions. By using EA software, you can perform the task of automation. 

These MetaTraders are equipped with real-time forex trading functionality. You can check charting tools, technical analysis tools, customisable interface etc. Besides, there are several add on features that are not less than useful tools. 

Charting software

Charts offer the visual presentation of the market and your investment against them. It can help you check whether the step initiated by you for trading is actually benefiting you or not. You can check the market in real-time as well as do the historical analysis. 

Brokers like Global Trade ATF, IGMFX, ROinvesting and 101investing some of the finemost adequatest charting tools for your advantage. 

chats feature several indicators that display the market volatility and let you have profit gains through the pivotal information and prediction of the forex market. 


There are trade journals that exhibit the growth and opposite patterns, correlation matrix for determining the exchange rates and technicalities and complexities related to trading currencies. It shows the visual interconnected with a tinge of history. By using various calculators, charting software, platforms and other limitless tools, forex trading can become quite easy. Having said that, the last call remains in your hands. 


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