Top 10 cryptocurrencies by market value as of 17/10/ 2021 to get you started on your crypto journey.


Bitcoin. …

Ethereum. …

Binance Coin.

Cardano. …

Tether. …

XRP. …

Dogecoin. …


USD Coin……


There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in circulation today, which can make it confusing and overwhelming for first-time users to know exactly which cryptocurrencies to put their trust in. Add to that the fact that certain unknown cryptocurrencies induce FOMO by jumping over 100% in value sometimes.

To stay afloat on the cryptocurrency boat, it is necessary to stick to a few tried and tested ones before you begin to look at other relatively unknown cryptocurrencies. Keeping that in mind, we’ve compiled the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market value as of August 2021 to get you started on your crypto journey.

Ethereum is a blockchain network with Ether or ETH as its native token, and it is commonly referred to as a cryptocurrency too. If you’ve heard of NFTs being sold digitally, they’ve mostly been processed using the Ethereum blockchain. It is one of the more solid platforms that is constantly trying to upgrade and stay on top of trends – its latest initiative aims to reduce dependence on fossil fuels by a significant amount.

As a cryptocurrency too, it has delivered staggering returns, going from $11 to over $3000 in a span of five years, marking a return of a jaw-dropping 27,000%. It’s current m-cap stands at over $357 billion, making it the second-biggest cryptocurrency in the world.

USD Coin is another stablecoin that has a market value of $23 billion and counting. It is powered by Ethereum and it can be used to complete global transactions.Last but not the least, Solana, with a m-cap of over $20 billion is yet another cryptocurrency that’s been making news recently for its unique hybrid proof-of-stake and proof-of-history mechanisms that help it process transactions quickly and securely. Solana was also launched in 2020 when it cost $0.77 and has today grown by 9405% to currently trade at $73.19.

The global cryptocurrency market capital is now US$1.62 trillion, after a 2.17% decrease yesterday. In the past 24 hours, the total cryptocurrency market volume reached the US$108.80B mark, as a result of a 9.77% decrease. Furthermore, the volume of all stable coins is US$92.46B, amounting to 84.98% of the total cryptocurrency market’s 24-hour volume.

The crypto market is still coping with the market crash caused by the Chinese government’s ban on cryptocurrencies. This is opening many good investment opportunities for budding investors who want to diversify their portfolios. Here are the top cryptocurrencies according to the latest numbers.

Uniswap – INR 2,123

Uniswap’s price today is US$26.63, which increased by 4.69% in a day. Its weekly high is 2.04%, stabilizing at a steady pace. With a 24-hour market cap volume of US$15,065, there are currently 651,703 coins in supply.

With so many options available, it should be easier to take a decision on which cryptocurrency appeals to you the most and start investing small chunks of money into it. As we’ve said earlier, you can open a Zebpay account and start investing as soon as you complete the KYC formalities and can even earn crypto by holding your favourite cryptocurrency with Zebpay Earn. Go on, start your cryptocurrency journey today!


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