To Kickstart World’s Largest Exchange Like Localbitcoin


Localbitcoins clone script is the software code programmed to mimic the functionalities of Localbitcoins exchange. This predefined script is mainly used in creating peer-to-peer crypto exchanges that use escrow mechanisms for admin management.

Feature customization, rebranding, source code lifetime license is available in selected providers like us. You can learn more about our cryptocurrency exchange script in detail here.

What is Localbitcoins clone script nulled?

Localbitcoins clone script nulled is the pirated version of Scammers crack the source code of and sell it on third party marketplaces. The usage of this software is highly prohibited and subjected to infringement.

P.S – We at Hivelance Technologies offer our clients a reliable localbitcoins clone script that is researched and made by our in-house developers. We use the term Localbitcoins for marketing purposes. We have no affiliation with localbitcoins. Our source code and design are all ours. None of their copyrighted works are being used.

Why Start bitcoin exchange like localbitcoins

Localbitcoins has been inspired by many entrepreneurs due to the peer-to-peer technology (i.e. decentralization which is the future of course). Also, Localbitcoins has its own limitations like bitcoin exchange only, lack of advancements in OTC trading etc.

Hence, startups & entrepreneurs want to start exchanges like localbitcoins by combining modern day technical advancement in a peer-peer exchange.

How to make crypto exchange using Localbitcoins clone script?

Step 1 – Register your own domain & obtain legal terms to start exchange

Step 2 – Write down whitepaper for your exchange

Step 3 – Design business model & architecture

Step 4 – Sketch the wireframe networks of UI, UX.

Step 5 – Be ready with developer team or Use Localbitcoins clone script(minimal help needed)

Step 6 – Customize & relabel with own branding if you obtained white label solutions.

Step 7 – Deploy on your local server

Step 8 – Test, validate and release it for selected community

Step 9 – When iteration is done, market your exchange and go global.

Localbitcoins clone script advantages

By using the Localbitcoins clone model, you can enable multiple features to both users as well as admin side(yours).


For admin side

Easy KYC approval integration

Quick overview dashboard

Centralized escrow protection

Best customer support management

Strong security authentication APIs


For user side

Multiple cryptocurrency support

Mobile app with easy UI

Easy to use ad based trading

Notifications for price alert

Learning resources

Handy features in Localbitcoins clone script

When seeing the overall advantages of localbitcoins clones, there are few important features that help most of the entrepreneurs to choose. Here is the brief view of them below.

1.Escrow protection

Escrow protection is nothing but the opt-in admin system that enables both buyer and seller funds safely. Explaining this, a buy/sell order ad is posted in the website, then bitcoin is locked in the escrow protection wallet, when the seller releases money, the bitcoin is sent to them.

The escrow concept is the succeeding driver of in its early stages. It’s been widely used in many marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr etc.

  1. Easy UI/UX

Our Localbitcoins clone script is the crystal clear replica of Localbitcoins user interface. You can  delight with easy-to-use functionality that most people are fond of. Our design is responsive across all sizes making the users feel comfortable with any screen they are on.

  1. Less frictional admin panel

Operating the exchanges seems to be a tedious task for every organization. We developed an admin panel for managing your exchanges hassle-free. Drag and drop option, button like structure, on/off option, consolidated chart view, transactions history, analytics overview can save you a lot of time in managing.


White label localbitcoins clone script

Complete white label localbitcoins clone script has been provided to our clients. Since they want to iterate in a number of customizations, we provide them access to our source code with lifetime access. Hence, any rebranding, UI changes can be done with the help of the developer to stand as a unique p2p exchange in the market.

Localbitcoins clone app development in swift

Localbitcoins clone app solution from Hivelance has unlimited benefits. You can build a local bitcoins clone app that is compatible across both iOS and android with technology like Flutter, react native etc. The time to go to the market has been reduced to half when using our Localbitcoins clone app solution.

We strictly adhere to the playstore/ app store policies and designed our solution. So that, you don’t face any technical malfunctionalities inside the app and easily get published without rejection from app stores.

Free localbitcoins clone script available?

It’s not available for free yet. Most of the software companies, resellers are charging a different set of prices with respect to their terms. There is no standard price. As a founder, you have to take a visionary approach and analyze the company’s technical background before buying.

Why buy Localbitcoins clone script from Hivelance?

We at Hivelance technologies offer localbitcoins clone script as well as installation support in addition. The skilled network admins, profound software developers can guide you in the next stage of the development cycle.

Further, our specialization towards crypto exchange security grade will be the added advantage for you. We recommend the additional security protection features for your exchange that can’t be given by our competition. Need to explore more about our script? Let’s talk

Start to create your Localbitcoin clone script


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