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Are you crazy about cryptocurrency and turning it into a global sensation and want it to be adopted all over the world, then you are at the right place with the most amazing collection of bitcoin t-shirts, watches and various crypto related accessories can you be a part of the global sensation?

Bitcoin Gear believes in the potential of cryptocurrencies to solve social, political and economic problems through decentralized technology. This has led to our creation, an online cryptocurrency shopping mall where you can find all kinds of cryptocurrency items. From hardware wallets, bitcoin clothing, caps, watches and mugs to all kinds of accessories and books about cryptocurrencies.

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Although blockchain technology is getting more and more attention from mainstream media every day, it is still far from establishing itself on a global scale. That’s why its leaders decided to create the company to accelerate the growth and spread of crypto by raising awareness among the general public.

Are you looking for cool crypto clothing? Then check out our amazing collection of crypto t-shirts and sweatshirts with uniquely designed prints. All cryptocurrency clothing we offer is made in the USA. Bitcoin shirts are made from one hundred percent ring-spun cotton to ensure maximum durability. We put a lot of time and effort into developing these Bitcoin t-shirts and Bitcoin sweatshirts, and we hope people like our products! Wholesale Women Sweatshirts

The Bitcoin Gear brand offers a wide form of unique and fun Bitcoin t-shirts that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. In pursuit of Bitcoin Gear’s mission to create international awareness of the power of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, their Bitcoin t-shirts reflect unique and effective statements in support of this modern era. Wearing a Bitcoin Gear t-shirt will easily turn heads wherever you go. Bitcoin Gear is the premier bitcoin t-shirt store on the internet, offering a wide selection of unique and fun bitcoin t-shirts. Their t-shirts have a truly original style and will effortlessly catch the eyes of your friends and family. By wearing t-shirts with the Bitcoin Gear logo. You become part of the Bitcoin Gear family that helps accelerate the general adoption of Bitcoin.

There was an interesting article in Manufacturing News where they discussed the problems with hackers and counterfeiting thieves stealing code on 3D printed parts. Thus allowing others to steal those part designs without paying the royalty. The new concept is to put flaws in code to prevent counterfeiting. That faulty code would be deleted prior to printing but only under a specific set of conditions. Counterfeiters would make the part with flaws however rendering it useless and the user. Then has wasted the material with a defective part.

Wow, that’s rather interesting, and perhaps a nice strategy. However it could also cause havoc to a scammed customer of an important part. What if the part is an important part, say for a car, part of the braking system. The hackers of its code, knowing that part might fail.



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