The Invincible Chakra NFT, Strong comparison with yet another legend of the decade.


Comics have centuries of exposure, and they share the strongest emotional bonds with the fans. There are many comics that have influenced the fans, and every one of them has its own legacy. And the comics have the evolution of turning into graphic novels and animations. Such Comics that share a huge bond with fans and have more opening will pave the way for many miracle possibilities. One such thing is striking the legendary superhero of our childhood when the entire world is celebrating the superheroes from one side of the earth. These two guys from Asia influenced the superhero times. They are NARUTO and CHAKRA (or) Raju Rai. 

Naruto Uzumaki

“Naruto,” emerging from one of the finest writers from Japan, still shares an emotional connection with many youngsters. The narrative and storyline of a lonely boy with a very loneliest background want to be the HOKAGE (leader of his village) one day. The storyline starts here and grows in a very different genre in its own universe. The writing style and the characterizations of the comic gave a huge hit among the people, which made it one of the most epic legendary storylines of all mediums, from comical to animated movies.

There are talks made, and discussions are in the process of making NFTs with the legendary characters of Naruto. We know that NFTs have potential, and while comparing Naruto with another similar plotted comic, the Chakra – The Invincible, some of those who have no idea about the story and characterization of Chakra will definitely say it won’t stand a chance against Naruto. But before getting to the conclusion. Let us dig into what Chakra can do and how it is related to Naruto. Finally, how can NFT be a bigger advantage for Chakra?

The Invincible 

Raju Rai is an innocent boy raised by the most heroic brother, who always gets into trouble and gets rescued by his brother. Raju Rai works as an intern to one of the weirdest scientists to nourish his dream of becoming a legendary scientist. The right time and right place made Raju end up activating the Chakra suit, which is possible only once in seven million combinations. As a result, he gets to unlock the powers of seven chakras that have different capabilities. How he is gonna use this accidental power to save himself and the world from another powerful man is the rest of the plot.

The major relation between Naruto and Chakra the invincible is the CHAKRA itself. The life energy or power is considered to be the CHAKRA, and both comics deal with activating the Chakra. The only difference is Naruto uses the Jutsu’s, and CHAKRA uses nanotechnology. Both characters have huge backstories and the possibility of growing as a vital source in the plot. And these are the only few guys who fight outside of New York to save the world.

So regarding NFTs, What should you do?

So both of them are into the NFT space, the first guy to finish the race is the CHAKRA – The Invincible. With the Beyondlife platform, Chakra has the upper hand on time and one major thing about the CHAKRA’s widest reach is that the character & storyline was carved by the legends of the Comical world Stan Lee himself. Naruto happens on a different verse, and it has no relativity to the real world, but Stan Lee carved the Chakra in a futuristic way. The Chakra becomes the hero of the real world where they have many other legendary superheroes references as well in the comics.

Consider the chance of owning the NFTs in the beyond life platform of Chakra that was developed by the legend who gave the most exotic superheroes of history. And an NFT asset of a character who has the chance to take place cross-overs. The value, growth will be very high, and just snaps can make a huge set of differences.

Uzumaki’s Chakra Vs. Raju’s Chakra

Both have immense Chakra, considering the story, and when the NFTs of the CHAKRA launch and are brought into the crossover, the matches will have a tough fight to judge the upper hand. NFTs are now the greatest fintech of the digital era, and people want to lock their NFTs for various reasons. One among them is an investment. Marvel has already launched many NFTs of its superheroes, and now it is marketing to bring the regional superheroes to the limelight. In this way, they can be brought into the Avenger’s next generations. Naruto has the upper hand in the fan base, but his legacy is about to end with our generations since the next generation of naruto is already in the air. But Chakra, with equal potential as Naruto but backed with big names like Stan Lee, has the ability to evolve as an unmatching story plot that can equalize or even surpass the legacy of Naruto.

Beyondlife being one of the leading NFT leaders, realizing the facts on CHAKRA, they are all set to launch several sets of NFTs on Chakra and other superheroes from the Chakra world. They have even announced that there is an exclusive NFT celebrating the 99 th birthday of Stan Lee that is going to be auctioned on his birthday. This is like the once in the seven million chance Raju had to activate the suit. Buy your own NFT that may be the biggest turnout of tomorrow.


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