Super recharge your employee recognition programs framework with gamification


The connection between human psychology and game design elements is a well-versed narrative.

The innate desire and dopamine rush for accomplishment is deep-routed in the games because they strike the competitive spirit.

In digital work, this represents gamification.

Experience and game mechanics motivate and engage employees to achieve their goals digitally.

But the gamification in employee recognition programs represent the brand identity, company’s culture, and people demographics.

What is the salient connection between employee engagement and gamification?

Better employee recognition programs result in better organizational performance, fewer absences, and reduced turnover.

Even after knowing these benefits, most companies are unsure how to engage their employees.

Gamification is a silver bullet that can revitalize the reward and recognition system and create a new life in the digital employee experience.

With the help of the gamification in R&R program, employee productivity can be increased by 50% and engagement by 60%.

The engaging mode of the R&R gaming software can make people feel happy at work.

It is because the advanced method appeals to every human’s powerful intrinsic motivator, including social interaction, purpose, mastery, and autonomy.

Elements of gamification applicable in employee recognition programs

Key elements of gamification which need to be considered for adopting the R&R framework are


To lighten up the workplace, employees need a friendly competitive dashboard. Employees can play various competitive games occasionally, which help to lift their mood in a stressful environment. In return the winner can earn reward points.

Levels & badges

For the achievements, employees can receive badges and points. With the help of levels, they can track how much more hard work they must do to earn a reward. And when the peers earn the rewards, the ones who work with them also feel inclined towards doing things in order to earn the reward and badge.


The gamification employee recognition programs display real-time performance. So, managers can also give real-time feedback and reward including certificates, e-cards, etc.

Leader boards

The leader board displays the top performers, which are further categorized in trending recognition categories, top recognition receivers, and other relevant metrics. This feature provides the limelight to top performers and helps to motivate them.

Wrap Up

The potential of gamification in employee recognition programs is limitless when applied strategically. When employees engage with the gamified version of reward and recognition, insightful data can be obtained through reports. They can help to optimize and track employee efforts.









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