India’s First STO Development: A New Way to Invest in Real Estate

As the very best security token offering development Company we supply high-end STO Development Services to our customers worldwide.


Section 1: The State of India’s Real Estate Industry

India has witnessed a healthy hike in real estate sales in the last few years. The country witnessed an increase of over 13% in the purchase of apartments and 10% in the purchase of homes during the period from 2014 to 2015 alone. As per the report of Residential Real Estate survey in India, majority of Indian developers have reported an increase in sales of residential units above 10% in the last three years.


As the country’s economy advances, the demand for living spaces is also growing on a steady basis. Since there is a huge gap between demand and supply, real estate developers are compelled to lower prices and expand their projects to meet the demand.

What is STO development?

STO Development is the process of building of a crypto currency project with a team of well trained and experienced blockchain developers. We provide ICO consulting and pre-ICO consulting, designing of Token and stakeholder community, development and validation of a comprehensive white paper and a project business strategy, as well as working on PR and marketing campaigns and other crucial tasks for a success of a digital currency.


Crypto Development Services


Creating functional Smart Contracts, integrating a platform on the blockchain and Smart token development.


Token Development Services


Protocol creation, development of a token generation process, currency trading, initial coin offering (ICO) and other tasks that require a strong and deep understanding of cryptocurrency.

What are the benefits of investing in a security token offering?

STO as a security token is an attractive investment option for investors, especially for high-net-worth investors, institutional investors, and token investors who are not comfortable investing in traditional securities, securities exchange, or mutual funds.


The primary advantage of a security token investment is that it is a fully capitalized investment that can deliver a return on investment with a minimum of a three to five years horizon, providing an opportunity for investors to achieve very high returns and enable other investors to participate in real estate investing without being subject to the volatility of the equity market.

Who is this for?

Developers, Real Estate Developers, Architects and Architects, Interior Designers, Builders, Architects, Architects from other countries, Hotels, Investment & Family Offices and Asset Managers, Real Estate Agents, Property Consultants.


We provide any kind of value added services for token development. As the very best security token offering development Company we supply high-end STO Development Services to our customers worldwide.


Protocol Development: Decentralized application development for the STO.


Smart contracts: Smart contract code development


ICO: Ecosystem development


Blockchain technical advisory: Blockchain technical solution development


ICO advisory: ICO planning and facilitation


Security Token


ICO pre-sale: Approval process, tokens distribution, data recording.


How do I invest in a security token offering?

Unlike any other stock markets with which you have dealt with before, the token offering is a token sale in which a significant portion of the total supply of tokens are sold at an early stage. This provides huge advantages to both parties. Token purchasers and token sellers benefit from receiving lower and earlier stage price per token. Token buyers benefit from participating in a still emerging financial technology and can become early backers of their favourite projects.


Mt. Gox, the largest Bitcoin exchange, was hacked in 2014, exposing that the crypto currency is as volatile and risky as any other asset. This led to a large amount of assets being lost. At the same time, the economy and demand for cryptocurrencies rapidly increased.

How does it work?

As security token offering development companies, we invest on great projects, create new ventures, upgrade existing projects and raise capital for those projects.


For example: we invest on a modern office building in Mexico, or a hydroelectric plant in Mexico.


Security token offering development companies are listed on several exchanges (not only in London), but are decentralized, in which the token is the property of the security token offering development company and of its partners and customers, who are the clients of the security token offering development company.


Security tokens are basically becoming an investment tool for real estate developers and business owners all over the world.

Security Tokens and the Future of Investing

Companies wishing to launch a security token offering (STO) in the United States need to obtain a “conceptual pass” from the SEC, the US financial market’s security regulator, before seeking to raise capital. Without this pass, a company’s token offering would be subject to both SEC registration as well as additional disclosure. SEC approval is contingent upon the company’s offering security tokens that are…


…substantially similar to an existing or currently regulated security, and the offering has a reasonable probability of conversion into the value of a publicly-traded security (whether or not it is traded on a regulated exchange) at some point in the future.


The security token economy is beginning to see the light. It is a unique development that can change the world with the power of tokenization. Now that interest in security tokens is on the rise, experts have begun to speak up about their potential. Though the token economy has been around for years, this is the first time that actual security tokens have been developed as well.With this fast growing industry, security tokens are one of the best ways to obtain fast, safe, and secure returns. STO development can be for anyone who wants to participate in the security token economy without having to be invested in cryptocurrency and trading in uncertain and volatile markets.


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