Stan Lee’s Next Incarnation Would Be In The Digital Metaverse

Chakra NFT

Stan Lee’s rebirth into the Metaverse created a Buzz on the internet

Stan Lee- Marvel legend has gained huge popularity with his unique creations of SuperHumans with their exciting abilities. However, he has escaped from the real world, gaining supremacy in the world of NFTs. The Marvel Legend’s co-creation with Graphics India is entering the digital world with Chakra-The invincible NFT collection and would be the next biggest thing on the internet this season. Stan would be the forever living legend in the form of NFTs in the crypto world. The same could happen with the launch of his NFT collectibles, and beware of the rest. 

Stan’s NFT touch

The legendary artist has created a new legend and entered the world of NFTs with his new creation. Orange Comet and BeyondLife.The club is launching Stan Lee’s new NFT

 Collections. NFT is a real boom in today’s world. However, launching an NFT that portrays a superhero character from Stan’s creation will drive the world crazy.

Marvel Legend’s official Chakra NFT Collections

The major NFT collection from the CHAKRAVERSE are the 

  • Chakra Artpunks Loot Box 
  • Chakra Artpunks 
  • Living Comic Book Cover
  • Comic Book Covers (Stills) 
  • Seven Chakra’s Powers
  • Animated NFT Videos 
  • Stan Lee B’day Special

These are the different types of NFT collections based on the characters that the legend created. Each of them is unique and yet to be launched, marking the birthday anniversary of the legend. The legends birthday special is something the world audience is expecting, and when a Marvelous launch is happening, what is more for the fans to cherish.

The official Art Punks NFT/Loot

The Art Punks that shows the characters from the CHAKRAVERSE made into an NFT artpunk which portrays a series of stills of various characters from the comics in their signature look and accessories. However, the Loot marks a blind date with a random NFT art-punk for the buyers.

Chakra coming live

The Invincible Chakra is also coming live this season with the iconic scenes straight from the sets and making them more realistic. 3D Animation covers with the signature moves make chakra more vulnerable towards the industry. It would be a live-action drama converted into NFT.

Chakra-makes the mark

The Invincible is always special for the fans of the Star as it is the first-ever superhero character that is Bollywood based. He came across the seven chakras in Indian mythology and wanted to create the first-ever Chakra-The Invincible, where the powers are activated with the seven chakras. Sharad and Stan Lee made the much anticipated Chakra.

Birthday Special

Stan Lee’s birthday special will be remarkable with a bang as it marks the 99th birthday of the Legend. When a special occasion hits, it must be marvellous enough to be remembered. Hence we have planned for a mega auction that is strictly for the fans of Marvel and Stan getting a chance to bring the superhero home with their latest NFT collection. The Legend who has created numerous legends is honoured on his 99th birthday. 

The new Birthday NFT Package

Stan Lee’s Birthday special is the most prized one, and it marks NFT’s Supremacy in the global world. These NFT collectibles would be the ultimate package for any fan, making them amazed. The official package contains rare lithographs that Stan has signed. It also consists of a rare element that he has created over the past decade and kept without revealing. It would be revealed in the special birthday package. The never-seen character sketch is officially called ‘The Power of Percy the Gentle.’ The minimum bid price for Stan’s treasure is $1,00,000. The package also includes the first-ever Chakra-The Invincible comic book that Stan Lee signed and story treatment of the official Chakra The invincible.

Stan is alive in the hearts of his fans from the creations he made, and he is still making an impact even if he is no more. The impact would be huge as it marks his birthday. He is a superhero in human form, driving people crazy with his creations. He has dived into the world of NFTs with the official Chakra -The Invincible NFT. When the emotions came into action in the form of NFTs, he would be the biggest craze in the NFT world. The NFTs made will be launched this season, and it marks the biggest superhero combo in the NFT world. The Much-Hyped and the much-anticipated superhero from the Hollywood meets Bollywood edition is landing soon. That would be the biggest festival in the CHAKRAVERSE, People would be looking forward to bringing him home with the latest stills and video covers as NFTs with chakra. Make sure to get marvellous with the new Chakra The Invincible. Join the mega event and make his birthday special with all the NFT collectibles that mark his presence.


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