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how to sell bitcoin for cash instantly

How to Sell Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most selling cryptocurrency around the globe. Multinational companies and rich investors are taking interest in bitcoin and are investing in it. Nowadays bitcoin investment is at its boom because of a lot of investment. The price of bitcoin fluctuates day by day. If more investors take out their investment or cash bitcoin then the price falls and if more investors invest in the bitcoin then the price becomes high. So you have made a lot of money with bitcoin and now you want to sell it and are finding the methods of how to sell bitcoin for cash instantly? There are many possible ways through which you can cash out bitcoin easily and instantly. You can sell bitcoin to any other person, use BTC as a method of payment, lend it, peer to peer marketplace, bitcoin ATMs, and at online exchanges. Many online exchanges provide the best rates for BTC without any high exchange fee i.e coinbase, Kraken,

How to sell bitcoin on coinbase?

Coinbase is a secure online platform that is used by crypto traders for buying selling and storing bitcoin assets. You can easily sell bitcoin on coinbase by following simple steps:

  • Open coinbase mobile app
  • Select buy/sell on the mobile app
  • Tap Sell
  • Select cryptocurrency you want to sell
  • Enter the amount of bitcoin you want to withdraw
  • Tap the sell now button and wait for the transaction

Coinbase charges a fee of 1.49% for each cryptocurrency purchase or sale. This fee goes up to 3.99% for trades made with a credit card.

Cryptocurrency to Paypal Exchange Policy

Paypal is used by business people across the world to send, receive and access their money securely and for free. Paypal has launched its app through which you can send and receive money online within a matter of seconds. Now, the customers in the US can also sell cryptocurrency directly to Paypal at the current exchange rates. The crypto to PayPal exchange policy is written through which you can exchange bitcoin at Paypal and it stated as “once you made an exchange it can not be reversed if the prices fluctuate.” Paypal charges a fee for the exchange of cryptocurrency but it depends on how much you are exchanging. The traders of crypto around the world can also use Paypal as a method of payment while selling and buying cryptocurrency. 

Liquidate bitcoin from blockchain wallet

Blockchain is the platform that provides the service to buy sell and hold cryptocurrency in secure wallets. Blockchain also provides the service to keep the record of the crypto transactions and you can also make money through blockchain by different means. You can easily liquidate bitcoin from a blockchain wallet by following simple steps:

  • Open up your blockchain wallet by putting the address.
  • Then withdraw bitcoin into your blockchain account. 
  • Then you exchange bitcoin on the exchanger 
  • After this you can withdraw bitcoin into you bank or paypal account. 

You can’t liquidate bitcoin from blockchain wallet directly to bank account or anywhere else. 


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