Sell bitcoin for cash at Best Rates

sell bitcoin for cash at best rates


It would never be a false statement if we would say that bitcoin is the #1 digital currency in the world. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is being traded worldwide nowadays. People around the globe are interested to invest in bitcoin to earn profit as its price fluctuates each day. Bitcoin holders can buy and sell bitcoin for cash easily and instantly. There are many ways through which bitcoin is being sold i.e peer to peer marketplace, bitcoin ATMs, and online platforms. At peer-to-peer marketplaces, the bitcoin address is provided to the buyer after receiving the money. At BTC ATMs you add your bitcoins address and receive cash against the amount you want to sell. The exchange on the online platform is popular because one can exchange at any time through anywhere. is the most reliable online platform that charges a minimum fee for the exchange and provides the best exchange rates.

 How to sell bitcoin on coinbase?

Coinbase is a secure platform that allows bitcoin holder to store their crypto assets secure and allows to buy and sell different cryptocurrencies. The procedure to sell bitcoin on coinbase is easy and is discussed below.

  1. Open up the coinbase mobile app and select the buy/sell option.
  2. Select the cryptocurrency option and then select the bitcoin.
  3. Select the amount of bitcoin you want to sell.
  4. Click on the sell now and wait for the transaction message.

Most of the crypto traders are trading bitcoin for profit. So they don’t keep the assets for a long period. The price of bitcoin increases with the bitcoin investment. If more investment is made by the world investor then the price increase and if more investment is taken out then the price decreases. 

How to sell bitcoin on cash app?

Cash app is the #1 finance in the app store that allows you to send cash anywhere for free and invest in stocks or bitcoin with as little as 1 dollar. You can also sell bitcoin on cash app easily the procedure to sell bitcoin is simple in the cash app.

  1. Open the mobile cash app and click on the cryptocurrency.
  2. Then select the bitcoin.
  3. Press sell bitcoin.
  4. Select the amount you want to sell and enter the account on which you want to receive the amount.
  5. Enter your pin and select confirm. 

Cash app doesn’t charge any fee on buying and selling of bitcoin through the app. 

There are many ways to make money with bitcoin but the most obvious way to make money with Bitcoin is buying and holding. This is the answer to the old age question ” How to invest in bitcoin and make money?” Holding is the other term for buying and holding. First, you have to get a BTC wallet. Now you can get BTC because you can store bitcoin safely. As the prices of bitcoin spikes each day so wait for the increase in the price of BTC. It can’t be estimated how long does it takes to increase the price because it takes days weeks months or even years before you decide to sell.


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