Remitano Clone Script : To Start a P2P Crypto Exchange like Remitano


Cryptocurrencies have grown immensely in recent years and people have started to invest in cryptocurrencies. The increased investment in cryptocurrencies has positively impacted the growth of cryptocurrency exchange platforms that too in P2P exchange platforms. The P2P trading method has been considered as one of the best methods among others because it works on the escrow method and the security is high compared to other methods.

The growth in the P2P exchange platform has grabbed the attention of many entrepreneurs, who want to start a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange business. Several P2P crypto exchange platforms are available in the current market that provides P2P trade, But Remitano is the best P2P exchange platform among others. Remitano gives stunning user features such as a user-friendly dashboard, mining, Fiat, and Crypto wallets. Furthermore, it gives hefty revenue to the owner via various streams like IEO, swapping, and many more. This is the reason why Remitano has marked its name among the P2P exchange platforms which makes many entrepreneurs think of starting a P2P exchange business. Let us see how to do it.

How to start a p2p crypto exchange like Remitano?

If you want to start a P2P crypto exchange platform like Remitano, you can get a clone script of Remitano, which is a ready-to-use software that you can get directions and launch instantly. There are also other two ways to create an exchange. Either you can create the exchange from scratch or you can use an open-source code. But technically speaking, creating a crypto exchange from scratch is not a wise decision. Because it takes a lot of time and money to do so. If you use an open-source code, there is no guarantee for your security. So getting a clone script would be the best choice. Before getting into the topic of how to get a Remitano clone script, let me explain the benefits of the Remitano clone script.

Benefits of Remitano clone script:

Remitano clone script has numerous business benefits that are beneficial for your crypto exchange business. Let us see what are those benefits.

-Budget-friendly compared to creating it from scratch.
-It takes very less time to get it done because it’s pre-made software.
-You can customize it based on your business needs.
-The beta test ensures the platform’s success.
-It offers all features from basic to advanced.

Since we’ve seen the benefits of it, now it’s time to know about the Prime features, security features, and app features of a Remitano clone script.

Prime features of Remitano clone script:

These are the mandatory features of a P2P exchange platform that are given in the Remitano clone script.

-Escrow wallet which maintains the security of the wallet.
-A proximity match helps to identify the right trade within a short span of time.
-Dispute management to resolve any issue during the transaction.
-Multiple payment methods (More than 300 payment methods available)
-Chatbot helps you to discuss with the traders.
-Swapping process
-Trading bots automate your selling and buying process.

Security features of Remitano clone script:

In the crypto world, the Security feature plays a vital role which attracting many users because only if there is high security they will be willing to invest in crypto.

-2 Factor authentication
-HTTPS authentication
-SQL injection prevention
-KYC and AML verification
-Multi sign enabled wallet
-Anti-phishing software
-Encrypted chatbox
-Escrow security
-Secured CMS management.

Remitano Clone app features:

In recent days, mobile traders have been increasing gradually. Mobile crypto exchange applications are easily accessible as they are incorporated with all the crypto exchange features. By deploying a crypto exchange mobile application, your crypto exchange brand will get noticed by many crypto traders. But the app must have a user-friendly interface that makes an easy approach for beginners in crypto.

User app features:

-GEO Tracking
-Swift registration
-Pushup notifications
-Live chat
-Payment integration
-Manageable user profiles.

Admin app features:

Admin features

-Manage verifications and transactions
-Support center

Advanced features:

-Multilingual assistance
-Payment gateway integration
-IEO module

Hope you’ve got an idea about the benefits and features of a Remitano clone script. Next, we’ll move on to how Remitano clone scripts work and how to choose a suitable script provider.

How does the Remitano clone script work?

-The user needs to register in the exchange and create an account to start the trading process.
-A confirmation mail will be sent to you, and a link will be available there which redirects you to the trading page
-There will be a few steps to complete the KYC process, KYC is mandatory if the trader wants to withdraw from the exchange.
-When the Seller initiates the trade, the coins will be sent to the escrow account.
-Once the transaction is completed between the seller and buyer, the coins will be instantly moved to the buyer’s crypto wallet from the escrow account.
-If there is any issue, then a disputed call can be raised, and then the admin interferes and verifies the process.
-Since we have got in-depth knowledge about the Remitano clone script, now let us move on to the final step.

How to get a Remitano clone script?

There are numerous exchange script providers available in the current market who provide Remitano clone script. Make sure you reach the best Remitano clone script service provider to get your cryptocurrency exchange platform like Remitano instantly. After choosing your clone script provider, you can just convey your requirements to them and they will provide you with the best Remitano clone script.



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