Quick guide – cryptocurrency exchange platform development


Blockchain is one of the fast-moving technologies that furnish more business opportunities to the business people. Cryptocurrencies-related businesses are such promising money-making businesses for the past decade. It increases the traffic on the cryptocurrency exchanges. So people are searching for a best-in-class, most secure, reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform to hold their assets. Hence, launching a cryptocurrency exchange platform would be an excellent business endeavor. Are you perplexed about the crypto business? Don’t be worried; we’re here to help!

Development of Cryptocurrency exchange platform

The development of cryptocurrency exchange platforms can be categorized into two types. 

  1. Scratch based solution
  2. Opting for White-label solutions
  1. Scratch based solution

Here, an end-to-end cryptocurrency exchange platform can be developed from the zero level. It will be altogether customizable according to the client’s business requirements which means new features and functionalities can be included on that platform. If you’re an entrepreneur, have a healthy economic environment, and want to launch a somewhat different and impressive platform you can go with this solution.

  1. Opting White label solution

These solutions are already designed, developed, tested, and ready for deployment. Here minimal customizations are only allowed. But it is a great business idea for the people who are looking to print their footprint on the crypto business with less investment. The acceleration time to the market is quicker than groundbreaking solutions. If people want to get into the crypto business with less investment, then the white label cryptocurrency exchange script will be an excellent business solution for them. 

Steps to be followed to launch cryptocurrency exchange platform 

The listed below are the checklist to be followed in the development process. 

  1. Market research to know the trending technologies
  2. Scope finalizing and preparing project document
  3. Explore and connect with the best software provider
  4. Pick the blockchain network to develop a platform
  5. Stunning users interface (UI/UX) development
  6. Front end development and integration
  7. Wallet integration (Core wallet/ Multisig wallet)
  8. Payment gateway integration
  9. Back end development & integration
  10. Core functionalities integration
  11. Auditing and bug fixing
  12. Beta testing/Testnet launching
  13. Deployment on client’s server
  14. Marketing for product visibility
  15. 24/7 support for technical assistance

Types of cryptocurrency exchange script

  1. Bitcoin Exchange script

It is a tailored, fully tested, bug-free solution. Here bitcoin can be traded with fiat currencies, tokens, and altcoins with the robust trading engine.

  1. Crypto exchange script for centralized exchange 

Centralized exchanges act as an intermediator between the makers and taker which means transactions gets completed after getting approval from the central authority.

  1. Cryptocurrency trading script for decentralized exchange

Here trading can be completed without an intermediator. It provides instant trading with a seamless transaction.

  1. Cryptocurrency exchange hybrid script

Both CEX and DEX limitations led to the creation of hybrid exchanges that combines the favorable features of CEX and DEX.

  1. Cryptocurrency exchange platform script for mobile app

Due to technological advancement, people are expecting everything on mobile. Crypto is not an exception for this condition, so more people are seeking the best mobile app for the crypto exchange too.

Features of cryptocurrency exchange script

Our bitcoin exchange script comes with the following features.

User panel Features

  1. Signup/Sign-in 
  2. Profile update & password reset 
  3. KYC and AML features
  4. Deposit currencies such as USD, EUR, etc
  5. Trading Pairs(BTC/USD, ETH/EUR) 
  6. Margin Trading (leverage settings)
  7. Graphical representation view of trading history
  8. Flexible order types(limit order, market order, stop limit)
  9. Trading history for users prediction
  10. Chat box to communicate with buyer/seller
  11. Dispute raising
  12. Language Settings
  13. Payment Methods
  14. Deposit options
  15. Token launchpad

Admin Panel Features

  1. KYC and AML acceptance data
  2. Content Management System
  3. Escrow function for secured trading
  4. Option to change admin’s commission
  5. News and announcements
  6. Buyer’s/Seller’s orders 
  7. Completed trading history
  8. Deposit/Withdraw history
  9. Buyer’s and seller’s ads
  10. Withdrawal request
  11. Dispute management system
  12. History of verified user profile
  13. History of pending user profile
  14. User’s KYC Details
  15. API integration

Why choose Appticz?

Appticz is an exclusive Software Development Company that designed and developed high-level functionalities for mission-driven endorsed cryptocurrency exchange platform scripts such as a cryptocurrency exchange script, bitcoin exchange script. Also offers scratch-based solutions on various blockchain networks such as bitcoin, ethereum, polygon, Solana, BSC, much more with enticed features. Our products are involved in multi-testing to check whether the platform is free from vulnerabilities. Our adept blockchain experts are on board to deliver solutions to the issues as they arise and to act as an easygoing support team. Hence be the king of your business community with the bitcoin trading script. 



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