Pi Network (PI) Price Prediction For 2022-2027

Pi network will start getting listed on exchanges in the second half of 2022

Pi Network (PI) Price Prediction For 2022-2027

The Pi network project is quite unique. Not only has Pi risen to fame while not even being listed yet, but it also is well-known for being rather easy to mine. According to its developers, the Pi coin is the first cryptocurrency that can be mined entirely on one’s mobile phone. One just needs to download the Pi network app and get an invitation code from one of the existing trusted members.

To start earning the Pi cryptocurrency, open the app once every 24 hours and click on the lightning button to start mining. There are multiple ways to increase your mining speed: earlier members get higher rates, and you can invite trusted friends and family to join the Pi app for a small bonus. Additionally, after three days of mining, you can build your security circle to boost not only your earnings but also the overall security of the Pi network.

Pi Network Price Today

The Pi coin’s current price is $0 as it has not been listed on any cryptocurrency exchanges yet. While PI Network is not available for purchase, we recommend reading the article about cryptos that will explode in 2022.

Pi Network Price Prediction for 2022 by Experts

Since this cryptocurrency’s future is so unpredictable, many experts are very conservative in their Pi network price predictions. The Pi coin neither has a price history for us to analyze nor has it shown how it responds to the price movements of the crypto market and Bitcoin. There’s no market cap or all-time high for us to use in our price predictions, either.

So, what’s left? Well, in a case like this, most experts have no choice but to turn to pure speculation. We cannot even carry out a full-fledged fundamental analysis. To derive the true value of any asset, one has to evaluate its potential and existing use cases, the number of people using or holding it, its future potential, the team behind it, and so on. Depending on the asset, some of these factors will play a bigger role in determining the asset’s price than the others. In Pi’s case, there’s no way to determine the actual number of users that will be holding the coin once it goes live.

Here’s what some crypto experts think in regard to the expected value of the Pi network coin. Moreover we cannot say that Pi coin legit or scam.


Capital mostly examines the viability of the Pi network open mainnet being launched in the future — and their outlook is extremely positive. Among the reasons why they think the Pi coin isn’t a scam, they list the expansion of the ecosystem, with its Pi browser and Pi wallet, and various activities the project’s team organizes for the community.

They don’t make an actual Pi coin price prediction and say that the value of the cryptocurrency will heavily depend on its popularity among investors — and it’s something that is impossible to predict.


Currency.com does not make any Pi coin price predictions: they emphasize how impossible it is to predict Pi’s value. They also warn users about putting too much trust in this crypto, as the dev team has declined to answer all of their questions, including important ones such as “Will user data be used for financial gains?” While that does not necessarily mean the project is a scam, it is not the best sign.


The only source we’ve found that has made a legitimate Pi coin price prediction is DigitalCoinPrice: they think Pi will hit $0.009 by the end of 2022 and reach $0.015 in 2025.

Other Crypto Experts

Since Pi hasn’t been listed anywhere yet, data-based prediction services like Trading View do not make any actual price predictions for the coin. However, curiously enough, Wallet Investor lists Pi’s actual price as $0.007077 and gives a one-year price prediction of $0.000001. The website makes it clear that these figures haven’t been updated since 2017 and that further data is needed to make a more accurate forecast.

CoinMarketCap also lists the same current value of the Pi coin and even has a current supply number, with 0 Pi coins being in circulation.

Pi network Price Prediction 2022-2027

Currently, it seems likely that the Pi network will start getting listed on exchanges in the second half of 2022. If that does indeed happen, then we will finally see the price of the Pi coin rise above $0 for the first time.


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