Paxful Clone Script To Kick Start Your Exchange similar like Paxful


What is a paxful clone script?

Paxful clone script is the ready-made programming code that resembles the core features of Paxful. You can plug and play this paxful clone script in your hosting server with little customization like logo rebranding, color theme setup and hit the market. It is 100% fully tested and curated so that you don’t have to hire testers, developers to cross check the codes.

Paxful Clone Script advantages

The readymade Paxful clone script is made for non-tech founders who are inspired by the business model of Paxful. Launch a Paxful like cryptocurrency exchange with a few steps involved. The adaptability, scalability, security are the pillar strength for our Paxful clone script and ready to set up model skips the development process.

  1. Time saving – The number one benefit it offers for you is saving time. As we explained earlier, a Paxful clone can let you skip the code written process from scratch. When you see the hiring charges of developers per day, you may figure out the benefits of availing paxful clone script.
  2. Good standard – If you are not into building software scripts, you end up in failure for the first time. However, a company that primarily makes the income through software selling is able to give software in premium standards. Because they fail, test and build the best. They can offer scripts in 100% high quality standard.

Why Paxful Clone is the best Choice for Crypto Trading business?

Crypto trading is not in the format as we saw in early 2016. Needless to say, the crypto community is more into decentralized nature and praises the peer-to-peer economy more than centralized exchanges. That’s why paxful revolutionizes the p2p environment in a sustainable way. When you as an entrepreneur follow the footsteps of paxful in p2p format, there are more chances for succeeding your exchange without much effort.

Business Benefits of Paxful Clone Script:

User Side

  • Multiple Cryptocurrency Support
  • Free Wallet Integration
  • Buy/Sell Ads Display
  • OTC Trading
  • Bitcoin Price Calculator
  • Rewards Program
  • Trader Program
  • Peer Program(MLM)
  • Affiliate Program

Admin Side

  • Trading With Escrow
  • Customer Dispute Solution
  • Peer-Peer market Price API
  • Bitcoin ATM Map API
  • Liquidity setup
  • 350 Payment Methods
  • Trading Goods
  • Gift Cards Inclusion
  • User Forums

Additional Features in Paxful Clone Script:

Our Paxful clone has a-z features of the current version of Paxful platform. We update and audit our ready-made Paxful clone script in regular intervals to cross check the security and any feature addition. You can get up to date functionalities of this peer to peer crypto exchange in a super efficient way.

Other than that, we can support you to implement additional programs like bounty, referral, AML policy setup in your exchange

Paxful Clone App development

Paxful clone app development is available with us on both iOS and android platforms. Our app developers have skills in the latest tech stacks like flutter, react native and ionic that can adapt for any screen size in fluid.

Our Paxful app development process involves a more agile methodology than you think. We can even help you to submit your app in app stores. View the functional demo of the paxful clone app by chatting with our consultant.

Why Choose Hivelance for Paxful Clone Development?

Our team Hivelance have developed paxful source code that is easily understandable by even intermediate developers. We will walk you through our Github repository and give you a visual demo link for free. You get the crypto exchange source code from us with one time payment. For any code modifications or tech help, you can hire our developers to do that.

We made a secure Paxful clone script that you deploy on your domain and set to live the exchange in a minimum of 5 days. 

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