Overcoming Crypto Exchange Development Challenges

cryptocurrency exchangedevelopment

Cryptocurrency exchanges area unit widespread FinTech applications that modify users to shop for and sell different kinds of cryptocurrencies and altcoins. Crypto traders and altcoin enthusiasts use crypto exchange development to speculate in cryptocurrencies. The recognition of cryptocurrencies has a junction rectifier to a spurt in crypto users. It makes developing and putting in cryptocurrency exchanges a remunerative business.

However, their area unit has many challenges with cryptocurrency exchange development that require to be self-addressed proactively to avoid legal troubles and monetary losses. Scan additional grasp however the challenges are often overcome, therefore businesses will expeditiously run their operations.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development challenges:

  • Security
  • Liquidity
  • Market Acceptance

Let’s take a close examine every of the higher challenges.

Security challenges Of Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Security could be a major concern for crypto users. Per a survey conducted by Encrybit, forty % of traders take into account security as the most bottleneck within the cryptocurrency exchange method.

The growing security considerations of cryptocurrency users are unit backed by the increasing range of cyber attacks on cryptocurrency networks. Over the years, there has been a pointy incline within the range of DDoS attacks, Phishing attacks, and hacking instances.

Overcoming security challenges

The following steps area unit essential for strengthening crypto exchange development to forestall cyber attacks:

  • Introduce an AML/KYC-based registration mechanism for increased security and credibility
  • Use biometric-based login mechanisms for cryptocurrency wallets
  • Enable two-factor authentication for each login try
  • Introduce AI-based security modules that mechanically sight suspicious activity
  • Implement secure group action ways like written agreements to achieve users’ trust.

Liquidity issues:-

Liquidity could be a major driving tech issue for cryptocurrency exchanges that permits them to realize higher commercialism volumes within the market. However, many cryptocurrency exchanges incur significant losses because of a lack of liquidity.

The most reason for the reduced liquidity within the cryptocurrency market is the increasing range of trade/exchange platforms. As of these days, there area unit nearly 250 worldwide exchanges in the cryptocurrency landscape compared to seventy exchanges in 2013.

How liquidity impacts cryptocurrency exchanges

Crypto Exchange Development need a sufficient range of consumers and sellers for effective trade execution. The dearth of liquidity causes issues for consumers and sellers within the kind of increased group action prices, reduced plus price, and uneven delays. In an exceedingly survey conducted by Encrybit, 12 months of traders according to poor liquidity on existing cryptocurrency exchanges.

Tackling liquidity problems

It is tough for novice exchange house owners to succeed and attain the specified level of trade volumes for seamless trade executions. A majority of recent exchanges don’t conduct 360-degree research whereas rendering support for cryptocurrencies.

Choosing the cryptocurrencies having a lower market demand or price could end in poor liquidity. Below area unit some helpful tips that exchanges should follow to confirm a better level of liquidity for their traders and investors:

  • Wisely select the supported crypto tokens when conducting complete research.
  • Provide token-to-token switch for simple cryptocurrency exchange and exchangeability.
  • Offer a lower group action fee for devaluing cryptocurrencies to encourage their thought adoption.
  • Delist low-performing cryptocurrencies.

Market acceptance:-

Over the years, there has been substantial growth within the cryptocurrency market and countless transactions area unit administrated each hour. Statistica’s survey reveals that worldwide crypto users have jumped from $6.7 million in 2016 to $34.6 million in 2019’s half-moon.

However, the numbers area unit still quite less as compared to different payment choices in edict currencies. A majority of individuals refrain from mistreatment cryptocurrencies because of the subsequent reasons:

  • Cryptocurrency transactions aren’t as swift as edict currencies associated with degreed has an unstable response rate.
  • Cryptocurrency payments are units are accepted by a really restricted range of outlets, merchants, and different points of sales.
  • A majority of cryptocurrencies are unit unstable and their market price could depreciate unexpectedly.
  • There is an absence of awareness regarding the employment of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in several countries.

Closing thoughts:-

Despite the increasing quality of cryptocurrencies and trade/exchange platforms, the bulk of crypto traders refrains from finance in them. Investors area unit progressively involved regarding the safety and liquidity challenges of crypto exchanges. It is, therefore, essential that cryptocurrency exchange is constructed by arch blockchain developers for increased security and straightforward troubleshooting.


As a crypto exchange owner, you can’t do abundant to boost the market acceptance of crypto coins. Withal, the smallest amount you’ll do is, produce a user-centric website with intuitive options and a dashboard interface. Give a straightforward registration method that needs bottom details. We have a tendency to advocate providing social media sign-up and sign-in choices to aboard users expeditiously.

Conjointly give safety features like two-factor authentication and biometry to create trust among crypto users, traders, and investors. For additional topics regarding technical problems and different news connect with Chachakhabri.

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