Opensea NFT platform battles could be onwards, states a new Dapp Radar report

Opensea NFT platform battles could be onwards, states a new Dapp Radar report

OpenSea, UniSwap, eBay, and others are formulating NFT aggregation tools and enduring a stand to acquire a market share of the evolving NFT ecosystem.

DappRader’s “Dapp Industry Report for this Quarter-2 2022” presented, among many facts, the view that an impending non-fungible token (NFT) platform battle could be on the horizon.

Meanwhile, more recent platforms like Magic Eden and X2Y2 restart to take from OpenSea’s recent 75% NFT marketplace authority.

DappRadar remarked, “These acquisitions will most probably pit OpenSea and UniSwap in direct competition with each other momentarily.“ Although OpenSea and UniSwap are well-established commodities within the crypto space, they both meet competition from exceeding the crypto industry as well. eBay newly obtained the Ethereum-based, digital art market KnownOrigin to additionally extending its digital product offering and abilities in the NFT space.

OpenSea has faced enriching competition with NFT platforms occurring across diverse blockchains. The announcement expressed that the company “has seen its market share diminished with the appearance of rivals like Magic Eden, LooksRare, and X2Y2.” 

CNBC reported in April that OpenSea had “more than 1.5 million active users.” According to current data from DappRadar, the platform added 66.03 thousand users in the last 30 days. Compared to MagicEden’s 272.97 thousand. The same DappRadar data indicates MagicEden had 14.1 million transactions in the prior 30 days. OpenSea exclusively had 955.69 thousand. The report also remarked, “This quarter Magic Eden accounts for 10% of all NFTs transactions.”

In current news, Meta signaled the closure of its Novi wallet after a 10-month pilot program. The average cost of Ethereum gas fees recently fell to the most inferior they have been since 2020. Also, in the NFT report, specialists have illustrated how music NFTs will enrich the connection between their creators and fans.

When comes to Opensea, there are effective benefits and revenue streams are included. So, Many crypto entrepreneurs and startups eagerly want to start their business with an NFT marketplace platform like opensea.

In this blockchain realm, where Non Fungible tokens have attained eminence, creating an NFT marketplace like OpenSea will suggest a more suitable set of benefits in terms of developing NFT creators and buyers. Notably, OpenSea is the most extensive NFT trading platform to date that enables the listing of any type of NFTs. Over and above that, OpenSea sustains a secondary marketplace that allows NFT owners to trade NFTs.

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Their seasoned Blockchain Developers have been undertaking the development of cutting-edge and white-labeled NFT marketplace solutions. Similar to how the actual Opensea platform supports the trading of a diversified set of digital collectibles. Their Opensea-like platform seamlessly helps the trading of diverse collectibles. 

Benefits of Opensea like Platform

  • Low Transactions fees
  • Multi-level security
  • Instant Ownership Transfer
  • Guaranteed Services
  • Compatibility

Unique selling points included in the NFT marketplace like Opensea

Profitable Earnings

Set your own earnings streams on all the sales of crypto-collectibles ensuing via your OpenSea-like platform and pocket a massive amount quickly.


An attractive marketplace on your own domain evolved in a way to just inspire the level of your NFT trading project.

Get Complete Insight

The most suitable game-changer for NFT creators. To keep them on the edge, the marketplace arrives with analytics (charts and graphs) and impressive insights to indicate the trending digital collectibles.

Zodeak, being the leading OpenSea Clone script development in equipping cutting-edge blockchain technology solutions for years in the market, now equips you with a reasonable prospect to launch an NFT Marketplace like OpenSea, with less encoding but more value.


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