NFT Marketplace Like Foundation – Your Ideal choice To Capture The Creator Community

Foundation Clone

The physical business forms were uncertain, yet the past couple of years were highly soaring days for the digitalized entities in the blockchain and crypto networks. NFTs flourished with the twilight of digital currencies. Massive entities swept into the platforms and gained high traffic from businesses. And the part of the consumer community was also very much encouraging these business outcomes. 

Moreover, they also got varied testing chances to vest on this business frame line, and all of that was passed in distinctions. With this boom, blockchain networks also brought digitized trading into the market. NFTs hit metrics right from the test, national and international dealings. NFT Marketplaces like Foundation sprinted the space with their huge platform giving the creators their ideal ticket to grab the audience with creations and eventually monetize on the same. 

With That, Why Have an NFT Marketplace For Your Business Now? 

With the signs of progress, NFTs have astounded the spectrum and taken the level of Crypto and its impact on the market to a much better standard. And we cannot deny, if not NFTs, then what would have been the creative economy all about? 

With its abilities, they still need a space to transact in the market, a source that adds its value. Where will they get their demand without a market or audience? And that eventually brings entrepreneurs space to expand their businesses in the digitized economy. 

So, they are still complimentary to you? Not at all right! 

These mandatory spaces curate space for creators to confidently list their creations in the blockchain networks. The admin, being the host of the show, gains a huge TRP coming in as income in multiple streams. 

Broadly classifying NFT Marketplaces, there are two types. 

  • Ambiguous platforms, listing wide collections from various niches whose collection categories are also distinct. 
  • Specific platforms are those confined to one particular category listing unique collection categories. 

With their Popularity in the field, NFT marketplace developments are common. And there are amazing companies out there giving white label solutions developing similar NFT marketplaces Like Foundation. A platform that sold its FND NFT 18times with a total sales volume of $54.96K, whereas an FND NFT was around $3.1K. And you wonder how? 

Build Your NFT Marketplace Like Foundation

Foundation NFT marketplace is accounted as a reliable platform for its structure, a crossroad for Crypto and culture, where the creator community is highly benefited. This platform is working on the Ethereum blockchain networks supported by the MetaMask wallet, carrying out transactions in a highly secured manner. 

With all its compatibility and highly performing ability, the Foundation marketplace is a highly prioritized space. And developers have got a chance to get a similar version of NFT marketplace like Foundation for your business, and entrepreneurs who want to explore the market through a platform that can easily reach out to all the crypto enthusiasts. 

By developing your Foundation Clone, you can easily get high-end traction and attention among the crowd for its increased functionalities that are built on the height of advancements and improvements. This white label solution is highly customizable and compatible with any business and can be altered exclusively to launch your version of Foundation Clone. 

Working of White-label Foundation Clone

The users and creators in the platforms must register their MetaMask wallet in the platform to actually participate in the marketplace. With successful sign-in procedures, the workflow is as follows;

  • The Cryptocurrency used in the platform

As we know, the Foundation like NFT marketplace is built on the Ethereum blockchain and it accepts Ether for transacting your NFTs. The wallet must be integrated with the platform, and MetaMask is highly preferred, and other Ethereum blockchain crypto wallets can also be integrated. Importantly wallet integration is a must for individuals to carry out their transactions in the space. 

  • Creators in Foundation clone 

The creators and artists, in the NFT marketplace like Foundation, can establish their creation to the world as a digital asset by minting their assets and listing them on the platform. This enables interaction in the community for traders to look, which can captivate the buyers’ interest, which has high chances to shoot up its values. 

The major reason for entertainers to vest in developing a similar foundation clone is the profit the platform pocketed in a shorter space in the initial launch time. The platform generated 26.657 Ether valuing $85,895,453.53. Yeah, I know you struggle reading this number, but this huge was the value generated then, and now it’s multiplied. 

More importantly, this is a creator-centric space driving the interest of creators and artists into the platform as its features and functionalities are captivating them for its credible performances. And trust is bound with the platform. That the artwork, money, transactions in any internal glitches are tackled clean and keen. 

Listed below are a few Creator centric features of the Foundation Like NFT Marketplace, 

  1. Easy and quick trading and transaction abilities. 
  2. The control of the assets is complete with the artists.
  3. Compatible Smart contracts. 
  4. Highly secure platform with rapid transaction abilities. 
  5. The platform maintains uniqueness and ownership control.
  • Contribution of Foundation to the Community 

Like the creators in the platform, the investors are also equally benefited through the platform. They can make easy and quick transactions by integrating their MetaMask wallet with a platform to ease transactions. When the investors bid in the last quarter-hour, the bid time increases by another quarter-hour. The investment placed on the NFT will be held on the MetaMask wallet in exchange for Ether, and at the end, it will either be transacted with the NFT or returned back to the wallet if the price didn’t makeup to the highest point. The user can completely customize their profile and share their gallery of collections in their social fields, also displayed as a virtual gallery in the secondary marketplace.

Let Us Get Started With!

What else, this being an ideal choice for creators and investors, your business can bring in high revenue and traction through your Foundation like NFT Marketplace. Being the perfectly reliable choice for entrepreneurs, you can now outrage in the crypto space more effectively with a qualified trading space in the Ethereum blockchain


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