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How to Build a Blockchain: Matic Smart Contracts

Nadcab Technology provides solutions for smart contract development in Matic blockchain and verified smart contracts on polygon scan.

What is the Matic Blockchain?

“Matic platform is designed to enable organizations to interact and execute transactions in a secure and transparent manner” – The Matic blockchain is composed of several blockchains that is linked together and described below: Matic blockchain is a public blockchain allowing any entity or any company to create their own Matic blockchain with different functionalities to build a business. The Matic blockchain technology can allow you to create the ledger and issue digital tokens to your customers. Matic Blockchain is in beta phase. Each Matic blockchain is offered with different functionalities to enable the user to create new smart contracts with different functionalities. Matic blockchain allows for multisignature smart contracts to be created.

Why is Matic Blockchain more scalable than Ethereum?

Ethereum developers, provide a scalable smart contract platform for token generation events and decentralized applications, creating and executing micro-payments, also related smart contracts are made in Ethereum Blockchain. Nadcab Technology is the first Smart Contract framework, providing a platform to create a Matic Smart Contract. Matic Smart contract is prepared with the technology of Blockchain (p2p network) smart contract and smart contracts can be verified and created in Nadcab Smart Contracts. Smart contract must meet three requirements: Testing Matic Smart contract also includes a set of functions (test functions) as response to the tests and information requests from the Smart Contract. Test Functions can be submitted in Nadcab Blockchain.

Securing your smart contract on Matic blockchain

The Matic blockchain network can secure the smart contract easily through the interface of tokens’ native currency and the Matic tokens. However, this scheme cannot be the only secure way to develop smart contracts on the Matic blockchain. But it is necessary to secure your smart contracts using other modes of security like Proof of Stake or Proof of Contribution. In addition, it is necessary to secure the Matic smart contracts by enabling the tokens of the Matic Smart Contract to flow through the blockchain network. The concept of passing all operations through blockchain nodes was introduced by Vitalik Buterin, developer of the Ethereum project. In the Block Hype, Vitalik introduced the proof-of-stake concept.


When designing blockchain system that requires smart contract functionality to perform tasks, the previous dispute resolution mechanisms have to be upgraded or replaced to satisfy certain needs. In the case of Oraclize you can achieve all the basic functions with high level of security and transparency. In the case of Matic, the smart contract functionality will enable decentralized consensus. What do you think about Matic as a smart contract platform? Let us know in the comments below.

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