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Non-fungible tokens are crypto assets that represent a unique item. The cryptocurrency makes use of blockchain technology to record transactions. Transactions related to non-fungible tokens are one of their kind. The transaction and the information related to the tokens are very secure and shielded. 

Blockchain is a ledger that embraces a list of records, called chains linked together by cryptography. The creation of the standards makes the blockchain even more secure.

Advantages of Non-fungible token:

  • Safe & secure: As discussed above, the tokens are very safe and secured. It is difficult to hack the blockchain as they are pairs of a single public key and private key.
  • Unique ownership: The tokens are unique. Whether it is a video clip, audio clip, or any form of a digital image, it gives a special feeling to the particular person when he realizes that he is the sole owner of a unique digital item.
  • Smart contracts: Blockchain are technology-related transactions. Human-made interventions are not possible, and they must have certain essential conditions. 
  • Filters & advanced options: Many filters and advanced options are available in these transactions, making the process user-friendly. 
  • Ratings & Reviews: This option makes it possible for beginners to be aware of the most popular tokens. 

Top NFT marketplace in 2021:

  • OpenSea
  • Superfarm
  • Hoard.Exchange
  • Rarible
  • Ethernity
  • Enjin
  • Fans Forever
  • Hic et Nunc
  • BakerySwap
  • Portion

NFT wallet plays a requisite role in the transaction and storage of NFT. The NFT can be stored both in online and offline mode. Online storage is software wallets, whereas offline storage is paper wallets. The storage of tokens in the physical asset is called hardware wallets. The most commonly used wallets are Enjin, MetaMask, Trust wallet, and Math wallet.

What is NFT in gaming?

The representation of the digital assets in-game content is called the NFT in gaming. These indivisible and unique tokens facilitate player ownership and interoperability. NFT games are a mix of potential profitability and thrill. 

Popular NFT games:

  • Cryptokitties: The initial release date is November 2017. The tracking of CryptoKitties is via smart contracts on the blockchain. This game makes use of ERC 721 on the Ethereum platform. It comes up with a simple plot- collecting and breeding the digital cats. In a week, there are more than 800 new logins for this game. The daily transactions in this platform are upto $ 30k. 
  • Axie Infinity: The initial release is in the year 2018. This game is about collecting, raising, and battling axies. Axies are nothing but a fantasy creature in the game. The selling and trading of the axies in other marketplace options are also available. Each axie is an ERC 721 with a unique code and feature.
  • Sorare: The initial release is in the year 2019. Sorare is the top football game on the NFT platform. There are more than 100 officially licensed clubs in this game.
  • Lost Relics: The initial release is in the year 2019. Lost Relics is a combination of both action and adventure, and the main aim of this game is to collect gold as much as possible. Activating power pendants are the only way to procure membership.
  • Gods Unchained: Digital card games play a notable role in the video game market.   Gods Unchained is among them. This game provides complete ownership over the in-game items. Collecting cards, building a deck, and selling the cards to other players are the game’s basic rules.
  • F1 Delta Time: F1 Delta Time is a formula one game in which users can participate in racing games. Digital collectibles play a significant role in this game. The platform records more than one million dollars weekly. 
  •  Evolution Land: This game is similar to virtual reality games. The user should opt for the auction process for buying the land. Certain activities like buying & selling the land, developing buildings, and cultivating crops are available. There are also arenas and casino options accessible in the game.

NFT game development:

NFT game development is creating a decentralized platform to boost the gaming experience to the next level. Developing an NFT game generates enormous revenue for the owner. It allows players to own their in-game assets. 

Categories of NFT games:

  • Sports genre
  • Action genre
  • Adventure genre
  • Fantasy genre
  • Casino games
  • Arcade games 
  • Racing games
  • Simulation games
  • Prediction games for bidding
  • Metaverse like games

Features of NFT gaming platform:

  • Customizable NFT gaming platform
  • Implementation of high-end graphics
  • Abundant storage for sequential updates
  • Plug & Play possibilities
  • Rare & unique tokens

NFT game development companies:

Many companies are stepping forward to create their game development with advanced options and many other features. The NFT gaming marketplace is quite challenging, and some consider it a trump card for the revenues. 


Since NFT ownership is blockchain-based, the hacking is of account and tokens are not possible. The realistic gaming experience makes NFT gaming even more fascinating and exciting. 



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