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Location-Based Mobile Apps

Mobile applications are the modern talking points in the online community, and people are serious about it. Mobile applications have increased immensely over the last few years, and the trend will continue to climb. A subcategory of mobile apps filling a big gap in the industry is a location-based mobile application or geolocation app. These apps have become vital aspects of the mobile development industry owing to their importance and performance. This post will reveal all you should know about location-based mobile apps. Keep walking with us to know more!

What is a location-based application?

A mobile application that provides different services to users based on their location/position as determined by GPS is a location-based app. You might be thinking about how the location details are transmitted. Here is the answer: The cell towers, Wi-Fi, and satellite/GPS are used to transmit users’ location details.

Location-based mobile applications are increasingly becoming popular in the corporate sphere. These applications come with route-tracking tools and geotagged photos to customize the services for users of a specific area/location. Applications for fitness clubs, restaurants, social networking organizations, and other such firms with location services can fall in this category.

Applications with map navigators are also tagged as location-based since they are widely accessible to users. Businesses are well-off with these apps as they can provide a better placement and market positioning. Do you want to develop a location-based app for your brand? Consider hiring a mobile apps development company in Dubai to kickstart your app!

Why go for it?

You might consider why you should invest your time and money into developing a geolocation app. Well, there are multiple reasons you should go for it. The primary reason is that more than 90% of smartphone and tablet users have their location services turned on. If you invest in this area, it can open up a new market segment for your brand.

If you design a location-based mobile app for your business, you can attract more customers than you could have otherwise. Whether running a food business or providing emergency medical aid, there are endless possibilities for your success. All modern-day businesses are capitalizing on this opportunity to expand their business reach and attract more online audiences. Why not you?

Different types of location-based mobile apps:

When it comes to exploring the distinct sorts of location-based mobile apps, you will find many. Since customers can take advantage of your products/services in real-time, they will share service and location suggestions with their peers. Here are a few types of geolocation apps you should know about.

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i) Fitness tracking app:

The awareness of wellbeing and health increases exponentially among the masses, and a fitness tracking app could be a top contender. Geolocation features can allow the users to track various factors like distance traveled or sleep time. They can set their objectives based on these factors.

ii) Ecommerce applications:

Ecommerce applications have location-based capabilities to allow users to know about their shipment and delivery of products. Ecommerce stores can use these capabilities to hit the mark and boost their sales in a particular region.

iii) Healthcare applications:

Individuals also prioritize their health, no matter the sector or industry. The location-based mobile apps can track the number of outdoor activities like cycling, swimming, and running. These applications also help users schedule their workouts and manage time efficiently.

iv) Travel applications:

Travel applications can make your traveling adventure easy and pleasant. The application can provide users with recommendations for nearby locations with relevant information. Here is a list of amenities you can enjoy with a travel application.

  • Search options
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Quick comparison
  • Payment integration
  • Automatic suggestions

Advantages of geolocation applications:

A location-based mobile application can expose you to several advantages that you must know. Here is a list of a few.

i) Accurate and timely services:

Being a business owner, you can provide accurate and timely services to your audience using GPS technology. Once you have tracked the position of your target, you can quickly deliver what exactly your consumer demands.

ii) Relevant promotional deal offerings:

Companies can use GPS services to identify their local consumers. Once it is done, they can send relevant promotional deals and offers to their customers before they are over. It can lead to connecting with a new audience and expanding the business reach.

iii) It is here to stay:

Geolocation applications are here to stay, and customers are more inclined towards using these apps. Your business can earn more profits once you have this app in place. Consider developing one by contacting a mobile app development company today!

Expand your business reach with a mobile app!

Mobile applications can bring a series of advantages for your business should you do it right. The best way to do it right is to let the experts do it. Consider hiring professional mobile development companies like spiralclick.com for the job!


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